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• 3/29/2018

Season 12 Coming - No Spoiling!

Howdy folks, one of the admin's here and I've been gone for quite some time due to some crazy health issues, but I am making my way back.

It's that time of year again, season 12 is here! That means I'll have to be on some close watch for people planning to spoil.

It's great that you learned new information, however, wait exactly one month before posting them.

"But why can't I? That's what the wiki is for!"

1. Because anytime you make a new edit, people subscribed to the page will see what you wrote, because it goes to their email. Chances are, they haven't seen the new season yet, and you completely ruined it. Don't be a dick.

2. Because it's just a dick move.

3. People have families, work, hobbies, etc. Give them some time to watch it.

If we catch people posting spoilers within the month, we're temporarily banning. (Sorry, but not)

Instead, we have plenty of incomplete articles that need writing, so why not help us out that way?

Thanks, you greasy fuckers.

- Admin
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• 4/27/2017

Plan on sh*t posting? Here's why it doesn't work.

How's it going you greasy wh*res? Head admin here and I wanted to touch base with all of you to let you know how we do things here on the Wiki. I will also be describing how some people just aren't that smart in general. 
But I am also here to let you all know, that if ANY of you have any questions, need assistance, or if someone is being a c*ck sucker, never hesitate to hop over to my talk page and I'll take care of it. Just be sure to talk at me first, since Randomtox is on a haitus, so everything needs to go through me before it goes to him anyhow. 
Subject #1: Why Trolling/Spamming/Sh*t Posting Never Really Works Here
It's rather funny when people think because they do not have an account with us, that they can destroy our pages and be completely undetected. There has never been an instance where we've never been able to undetect someone, even after multple edits to try to "cover up tracks" we've still been able to find every single one. 
There is no such thing as a permanent deletion of anything on our wikipedia page and nothing is ever completely covered up. We're still able to see pages we've removed ourselves last year, and we're even able to see edits as well as comments done far back since the article was published. 
That being said, anytime anything is vandalized, we can still put a stop to the people doing it without the person having an account, so you really wont get too far except for 15 mins of fame (unless that's all you wanted, then great, but you still wont get much further!) 
My tip for our contributors is to NEVER ENGAGE with these people! (Don't feed the trolls) Just go straight to our talk pages to report the incident and we'll get right on it. And no, your comment can't be deleted by them either, because we'll know and we will still see it even if it was! (It's happened before, and we still got 'em!) My second tip, don't play along with their games either, because it may get you banned in the process and we don't want that to happen especially if you've given us great contributions.
Subject #2: Leaving comments
The comments that happen most often are people bitching that there is information missing from an article. #1: Quit being lazy #2: Don't moan about it #3: Add the information in yourself. It's not the admins jobs to add all the information, Wiki's are a public source that can be edited by everyone, so when you leave a comment whining that there is not enough information, we're ignoring it, and I encourage everyone who actually contribute to the page does too. 
This also goes to show that here at the Wiki, we do believe in freedom of speech, however, freedom of speech does not mean freedom to be an arsehole. We do take a stance against going on the actors and actresses pages and leaving harassing comments either physically, sexually aggressive or anything deemed abusive. This page is made for the fans of Trailer Park Boys, and talking terribly about an actor/ess on their page only makes us seem like we're haters rather than fans. If you hate them, that's fine, the solution would be to make your own blog about your hate for them. We are cracking down on those who talk horribly about the people who make TPB a great show. However, that doesn't go to say that you can't talk about their character, like saying "Randy is a Cheeseburger Walrus." Because he is one! But that's a lot different than calling one of the actors horrible names and threatening them. 
Subject #3: The articles are not your personal diaries. 
Some of the visitors here mean well, however, I find it strange that one would destroy an article just to type a question or a problem they have. You have a few options for that.
#1. Use the admins talk pages if you have a question for us, or visit the help pages. 
#2. Post in the forums if you have something on your mind. 
#3. If it's something nice you have to say about the actor/ess's, leave a comment in the comments section of their article.
Otherwise, there is NO REASON to destroy a pefectly good article just because you need help with something or wanted to say that "Lucy is gorgeous and doesn't care what anyone thinks." That will end up getting you banned for good. 
In Conclusion: We certainly love our job as admins (at least I certainly do!), it's part of our job to remove sh*t content and sh*t apples from the Wiki, so there are no complaints here, but the main purpose of this is to let those who plan to troll on a wikipedia page know is that you wont get too far! So if you're going to troll, you might want to pick a better place, or you can take a one way trip to f*ckoffity land! :P
Any questions, like I said, leave them on our talk pages! So keep it up on those de-ee-EE-cent contributions and clean ups!
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• 3/31/2017

Don't Post Spoilers!

Alright folks, Season 11 is now officially out on Netflix!
This means there will eventually be new information added to the Wiki, but please give our readers time to watch the newest season before posting spoilers to our page!
You may not think this is a big deal, but it is incredibly inconsiderate, and some of our viewers see these additions completely by accident because they automatically follow the page if they've made an edit, and they get an email saying new information has been added, so DO NOT DO THIS! Please give readers a month or two to watch the new season before adding new information
If we find people posting spoilers, you will be placed on a temporary ban. 
Thanks everyone! Let's all get drunk, eat chicken fingers and enjoy the new season!
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• 2/22/2017

Trailer Park Boys: Season 11 Release Date Announcement

Swearnet has announced on Februrary 22nd 2017 that the complete series Trailer Park Boys Season 11 is to be released on Friday, March 31st 2017 on Netflix! 
The Boys are back to top off the conclusion of Season 10 and possibly introduce more characters, and maybe bring back old ones as hinted on social media! 
Those on our Wikipedia page should keep in mind to NOT post spoilers to the Wiki for at least a month or two after the Season is released to give our readers a chance to watch the new season.
Randy & Mr Lahey Live (Facebook)
Trailer Park Boys (Twitter)
Trailer Park Boys (Facebook)
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• 11/10/2016

Trailer Park Boys: Out of The Park

The New Netflix series was released last week, who watched it and what did you think of it? 
My opinion? I love their personas perspectives of different parts of the world, however, it's going to take some getting use to, like any spinoff.
NOTE: Do not post any spoilers for people who did not see it, you'll get the right hook.
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• 6/18/2016

If Jim is really Ricky's father, then, does that mean that Barb is Ricky's mother?

In Propane Propane, Rick and Barb 'get together' and near the end, the implication is that Jim is Ricky's son...  so, is Jim's ex-wife, Barb, Ricky's mother???
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• 1/18/2016

Trailer Park Boys Merch on Second Life

Hey everyone! Thanks for visiting our newest section of the TBP Wikia Forum! Here we want to see all of your TPB related art, fan fiction stories and everything you've created with your own hands regarding the show! 
I will start off by sharing an interesting form of art in which I create in Second Life (Online Game). I've made many Trailer Park Boys related Merchandise in the game and wanted to share them with you.  Hopefully I'll find some other Second Life players here while we're at it! 
Trailer Park Boys 'Womens' Tank Top
Trailer Park Boys Mens Shirt
Do you play Second Life? Buy these shirts here:
Mens Shirt
Womens Tank
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• 8/4/2015

Nome Sayin?

How many times  may "nome sayin" be used in a sentence without violating the  generally accepted rules of grammar?  Nome sayin?
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• 4/20/2015

Sunnyvale Trailer Park

So is the trailer park a real place then? An actual trailer park? Can you just move there then and does anyone have the name of the trailer park where it was filmed?
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• 12/10/2014

Weird Phrases in TPB - Chicken Bikes and Meth Cocks

This thread is mainly for discussing strange phrases used in TPB.
In "Don't Legalize It", J-Roc says that Bubbles has been riding around on a "chicken bike". What is a chicken bike?
Also in "Don't Legalize It", when Randy and Lahey are rooting through Julian's garbage and find the two penis prosthetics, Randy asks if they're "meth cocks". At this point, neither of them know that Julian is selling piss, so why does Randy assume they're for meth use? Is he just making a good guess, or is there some other reason he would associate fake cocks with meth?
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• 4/12/2014

Will there be a fourth Trailer Park Boys movie?

I really hope that there will be a Trailer Park Boys 4. However, I don't think it's gonna happen. I think Don't Legalize It is the final film and that they will continue to make new Trailer Park Boys content, but in seasons and specials. I think that after the 3rd movie, there will be no more movies, although I'd love to see a fourth one. What are your thoughts guys?
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• 3/29/2014

ts catch frases

whats ts most famous catch frase
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• 11/21/2013

can anyone just go and move to sunyville trailer park

can anyone just go an move to sunnyville that is not in trailer park boys
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• 11/20/2013

randys gut

its huge
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• 10/3/2013

Is this Cory Bowles?
It sure sounds and looks like him.
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• 9/12/2013

Swearnet versus Showcase: Will we get to see the Boys win for a change?

I was in predictable euphoria when I heard an Internet based Season 8 is currently in production. What my big question is: In all the movies and TV series the Boys always ended up in the pokey (which sure does not seem like any jail in the USA) and Lahey, despite his ingratitude and upfuckedness, always won.
Everyone knows you can't have crime pay on TV. The little children might get the wrong idea (eyeroll). Now that they are not held back by the chains of the agencies regulating televised media, I wonder if the Boys can finally pull off a job and win for a change! Discuss?
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• 8/5/2013

Trailer Park Boys 3: Don't Legalize It - Plot Predictions

For the third movie, I think the plot will revolve around the boys' schemes to make money just like the previous two films. What do you TPB fans think?
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• 8/5/2013

The third movie and Philadelphia Collins

This movie will be awesome!! Except the fact that this is Phil Collins' last movie :(, hopefully its a great final movie for Richard!
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• 8/4/2013

Badges Now In Effect!

As you may discover, I've enabled the Wikia badges on this site. Mind you, the standard ones they give you are boring, so I've modified them so that they are Sunnyvale related. The more stuff you do on the wiki, the more badges you can earn -- everything from places to live in the park, special recognitions from the characters, promotions to work in the park and even a few surprise awards.
How many badges can you get?
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• 8/4/2013

The New Forums

As you all can see, I've done a lot of new work on the design and presentation of the Wiki, most noticible the new background image of Julian and his signature glass. This is because I've seen a lot of new people here as a result of Season 8 and it's time to make this a thriving community at last. Very exciting! I've also activated the forums as an alternative form of communication between members. Please be sure to read the forum guidelines. And enjoy!
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