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A Dope Trailer Is No Place For A Kitty (Episode)

A Dope Trailer Is No Place For A Kitty
The boys inspect their infected crops


July 17th, 2002


Season 2, Episode 4


John Paul Tremblay (Julian), Rob Wells (Ricky), Mike Smith (Bubbles).

Barrie Dunn

Michael Volpe


Mike Clattenburg

John Paul Tremblay

Robb Wells

Barrie Dunn


Ricky (Robb Wells)

Julian (John Paul Tremblay)

Bubbles (Mike Smith)

Jim Lahey (John Dunsworth)

Randy (Patrick Roach)

Lucy (Lucy Decoutere) (credit only)

Sarah (Sarah Dunsworth)

J-Roc (Jonathan Torrens)

Ray (Barrie Dunn)

Cory (Cory Bowles)

Trevor (Michael Jackson)

Treena (Elliot Page)

Guest Stars

Librarian (Joanne Hagen)

T (Tyrone Parsons) (uncredited)


Plot Synopsis[]


Bubbles is searching for one of his cats, giving us his a tour of his shed and showing off his bubble machine in the process. He notes that one of his kitties, Daisy, doesn't seem to be as frisky as usual. Ricky and Julian arrive and bring back a different cat which they have been using to guard their dope, but he's just not working out. Ricky wants Bubbles to provide a better cat since they are working so hard to double or triple their crop.

Act One[]

Ricky talks about the stress of his 'employment' and about how much is riding on the dope. Bubbles takes exception to their use of his kitties, then describes his devotion to the kitties of the park and how he feels he is their protector.

Ricky discovers that much of the crop is being eaten by insects, and the operation is in jeopardy. At that moment, Jim Lahey and Randy come snooping around with the idea that they are growing pot in the Airstream. Lahey reminds them they are still on probation and threatens to rat them out. Julian sweet-talks Lahey out of this glossing over the issue. Lahey gives Ricky a written warning and leaves.

Bubbles is looking for two of his kitties and remarks that many of his cats don't seem healthy lately. He suspects that something inside the park is making them ill.

Lahey and Randy pull over Sam Losco in his camper for throwing a half-eaten hot dog out the window, and Sam retorts that he is composting, not littering. Sam boasts that soon enough he will be running the park and he will do away with both of them when he is.

Bubbles tries to get advice from Losco about his cat; Sam lies and tells him the cat is rabid and sends him away. Back at the Airstream, the boys wrestle with the insect problem and Treena comes to visit. Julian tries to send her away, but she simply wants to wish Ricky good luck on his upcoming grade 10 exam. Julian wants Ricky to instead concentrate on growing the dope. Bubbles shows up and wants to know if Julian can help with his sick kitty problem, but they tell him that they have bigger issues. Bubbles walks away, frustrated with both of them.

Act Two[]

Treena suggests the boys look up their problem at the library, and Ricky runs with it. Using his new school library card, they try to check out a book, but Ricky causes a commotion when he lights up a cigarette and mouths off to the librarian. Eventually they get the needed book and identify the insects as spider mites. Julian reads that they must quarantine the healthy plants and use ladybugs to purge the mites from the crop.

They enlist the help of Cory and Trevor in moving the healthy plants and some of the hydro gear into Bubbles' shed (without asking him first), but there is some argument about the new electrical wiring. Ricky finishes it himself against Trevor's protestations and Julian runs off to tell Bubbles that they are borrowing his home for a while. Ricky takes Cory and Trevor to collect ladybugs.

Bubbles and Lahey follow the trail of his missing cats, and they deduce Sam's leftover hot dogs in his trash are the culprit -- eating them makes the cats sick. Julian arrives and as they are about to confront Sam about this, they see and smell smoke coming from the general location of Julian's trailer. Ricky notices it as well at his locale and they all rush to the scene.

They find that Bubbles' shed has burned to the ground and is now nothing but a smoking pile of debris. Lahey sees the electrical panel and determines faulty electrical work to be the cause of the blaze. Ricky blames the work on Cory and Trevor's wiring job, and everyone buys it. Bubbles sifts through his charred belongings and finds the planting apparatus and Ricky lies to the crowd that they were just growing vegetables. Bubbles laments the loss of his antique bubble machine and starts to lose emotional control. Ricky and Julian promise to get him another shed but Bubbles brushes them off and he leaves with Daisy, defeated. Julian and Ricky fret over the loss of their only bug-free plants.

Act Three[]

Fed up, Bubbles grabs his slingshot and some nun-chucks and attacks Sam, who is having a barbecue with Barb, in an attempt to force him to clean up the hot-dog waste that is making his cats sick. Sam threatens to take all the cats and have them put to sleep, and they begin to fight. Julian and Ricky appear and break up the fight which Bubbles is losing. Julian orders Sam to clean the garbage up, promising to beat him up if he refuses. Sam agrees to clean up the trash. Julian offers to let Bubbles stay with him, but Bubbles declines. Ricky admits that the disaster was mostly his fault and invites him over for pickled eggs, but Bubbles doesn't commit to coming.

Later that night, after they set the ladybugs loose on the plants, the gang lounge around the Airstream waiting for Bubbles, but he never arrives. In fact, he is curing his cats by feeding them grass, and is striking a deal to rent J-Roc's van to sleep in until he gets a new shed. Treena finds him there and gives him a present of some bubble solution and a wand.

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  • Bubbles mentions that the bubble machine was the only thing that his parents left him when he left, a fact that was later confirmed with a back story in the Christmas special, "Dear Santa Claus, Go Fuck Yourself".
  • This episode explores that Ricky and Bubbles' claim that Cory and Trevor are stupid may not be unfounded statements. Trevor does not know the difference between a lady bug and a caterpillar, despite the fact he is seeing and handling both at once. However in the same episode, Trevor points out that Ricky didn't wire the power for the clean dope plans right, and ends up being correct as it starts a fire that burns down Bubble's shed.



  • Ricky: "They're everywhere! Like little piranigas!"
  • Julian: "It's piranha, Ricky."
  • Ricky: "That's what I said. Piranigas."

"It's a catch 23 situation."

"We're looking for some books on horviculture."

"We just gotta quantratine the plants, man."

"If I get my grade 10, I'll be kind of an equaller person to Julian on his level or thinkin' kinda train, and then I won't be able to be bossed around so much."

"It's not a ladybug, it's a canapillar."

"We'll have enough dope for ten prisons if you want. Supply and command, buddy."

Ricky's Knock Knock Jokes[]

  • Lahey: "What do you think your probation officer would do if I called him and told him that you were firing off guns and growing dope in the park?"
  • Ricky: "He'd probably say 'knock, knock', you'd say, 'who's there?', and he'd say, 'a fuckin' idiot,' and tell you to fuck off. That's what I'd do."

Lahey's Shit Talk[]

  • Lahey: "I warned Losco about litter. He doesn't realize t he's up against. He's about to enter the shit tornado to Oz."
  • Randy: "That would make Sam Dorothy, right Mr Lahey?"


"There will be no jeopardization of the people in this park."

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