Barb Lahey

Barb Lahey

You’re a cheating, bisexual, CAVEMAAAAAAN!

–Barb, to Sam Losco

Barbara "Barb" Lahey (played by Shelley Thompson) is Jim Lahey's ex-wife and owner of Sunnyvale Trailer Park.

Origins Edit

We are first introduced to Barb in "Jim Lahey Is A Drunk Bastard". She meets with Sam Losco just prior to the trailer park supervisor elections.

Real World View: We also see a person who looks mysteriously like Barb in a previous episode, acting as officiator at Ricky and Lucy's wedding. However we never know her name and she is credited as 'Wedding Minister'. It's unknown whether this is meant to be Barb Lahey or not. ("Who The Hell Invited These Idiots To My Wedding?")

Living Arrangements Edit

Initially, Barb lived outside of the park in a proper home. But due to financial hardships, her home was foreclosed on and she had to move into the park supervisor's trailer just after Ricky lost the job to Jim in a wrestling match. ("The Green Bastard") She resides there alone until Jim is reinstated as a police officer, at which point she allows him to move back in with her, as well as Randy. ("Gimme My Fuckin' Money Or Randy's Dead")

This arrangement breaks down a while later when Randy admits he impregnated Lucy and is asked to leave. Jim and Barb remain living as a couple until she and Sam Losco run away together. ("Jump The Cheeseburger") It is presumed that the two lived in Sam's camper from that point on.

Love Life Edit

It's hinted at that Barb's marriage to Jim broke down at some point following the events of "Halloween 1977". Jim's increasing alcoholism and depression over being thrown off the force strained the relationship.

While Ricky is the park supervisor, he and Barb begin a casual relationship that remains a relative secret within the park. She seems to dote on him, brings him lunches, special treats of smokes and pot and Ricky accepts wholeheartedly. Julian and Bubbles begin to suspect that something might be going on between them. ("Propane, Propane") Eventually, Barb proposes to Ricky and he accepts because he is stoned. Clearly he was unclear about the direction she wanted to take things, as he thought it was only 'hanging out and banging and stuff.' He is later talked out of it by Julian and Bubbles, but it is a moot point because he is sent to jail because of their operation to sell Ricky's dope crop to a promoter in Moncton. ("Workin' Man")

She clearly has a thing for Julian, as she makes several unsubtle glances at him and mistakenly (but happily) guesses he is her secret admirer when it is really Sam Losco. ("Jump The Cheeseburger")

As mentioned before, Jim and Barb get back together once he is made an officer again, and they add Randy into the mix, as Barb realizes they are a package deal. ("Gimme My Fuckin' Money Or Randy's Dead") As things progress, it becomes clear that Randy is not taken seriously enough in the arrangement, as he is treated more like a child than a partner or lover. ("I Fuckin' Miss Cory And Trevor") Eventually, Randy is ejected from the arrangement once he reveals that he is the father of Lucy's unborn baby. ("I Banged Lucy And Knocked Her Up... No Big Deal") Shortly after that, Barb becomes increasingly frustrated with Jim and the two bicker heavily. Ultimately, she decides to leave Jim altogether when Sam Losco declares his undying love for her at the 'Jump The Cheeseburger' event at The Dirty Burger. ("Jump The Cheeseburger") The two run away together and are seen to be together from that point on. ("Say Goodnight To The Bad Guys")

Criminal Activity Edit

Barb is not normally shown to be blatantly in violation of the law, but she is certainly not above a little manipulation and malfeasance to get what she wants. She successfully cons Cory and Trevor out of the money Julian gave them to purchase the park and uses it to save her financial ass, giving them a dud deed in return.("Give Peace A Chance") Later, she accompanies Sam as 'wheel man' to steal the Swayzie Express money from Julian, which they lose in a getaway arrest. ("Say Goodnight To The Bad Guys")

Barb smoked Ricky's Honey Oil with Julian calling it a "Special Occasion."

Characterization Edit

Barb is a manipulator and uses her charm, administrative pull and sexuality to achieve her ends. She can also be quite aggressive, at least in words, when she is pushed to it.

Although not to the same extent as Jim, she also has a tendency to drink to excess, and at one point even taunts Jim while he is sober, saying he was more fun when he was a drunk. ("Jump The Cheeseburger")

Jail TimesEdit

"Say Goodnight To The Bad Guys"-Unknown but she is not back by Countdown To Liquor Day so it is assumed that she was at least in jail for 2 years.