Brian Vollmer is the lead singer of Canadian band Helix, famous for their 1984 single. "Rock You."

Brian Vollmer with the Boy's


Brian has appeared in the Trailer Park Boys franchise twice. The first was in a deleted scene in season three, where the boys help him with his car.[1]

His second appearance was in Trailer Park Boys: The Movie where he was credited as 'Randy's $15 John'.

Vollmer also appeared on stage with the boys during the Hamilton, Ontario performance of their second live show on March 8, 2010. His season 3 deleted scene can only be watched if you buy Trailer Park Boys: Season 3 on DVD and watch the deleted scenes his being the most popular of the deleted ones from that Season. It was not clear who Randy's $15 John was but it was paid by Brian Vollmer but Randy seemed to know him from the past as well as the rest of the boys.[2]

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