J-Roc raps about gangsters & guns, pimps & hos and Compton. The guy's not from Compton. He's a white kid from a trailer park. He should rap about what he really knows which is living in his mom's trailer eating peanut butter sandwiches.


Cory is a character portrayed by actor Cory Bowles . He's mainly known for his "fuck ups" in the series, and isn't very bright.


Character Background Edit

Living Arrangements Edit

His place of residence is not made clear in the series, however, it can be assumed that he and Trevor shared a trailer. When Ricky was trailer park supervisor, him, Trevor and Sarah lived in half of the supervisor trailer together.

Love LifeEdit

There hasn't been any sort of romantic activity for Cory, however, it was rumoured that he and Trevor were involved with Sarah romantically when she 'adopted' them. 

Both Cory and Trevor had brief relations with two cross-dressers, after which they both were very awkward when speaking about the interactions. 

Criminal ActivityEdit

Cory tends to be used as a scapegoat for the boys, either blaming their crimes on him and Trevor or using their names when asked by authorities. This has landed them in jail a couple of times, though despite this they still hang out with the boys.


Before he came back from the mental hospital, he was regarded as the smarter half of Cory and Trevor. He is much more animated and aggressive than his counterpart. Unlike Trevor, he didn't ever try to stand up for himself to the boys, only speaking about how the things they do are wrong when they aren't around. After his return in season 8, however, he's seemed to have become less smart, and frequently stammers when speaking. 

Jail TimesEdit