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I've met cats and dogs smarter than Trevor and Cory. In fact, most cats and dogs are smarter than Trevor and Cory.


Cory (played by Cory Bowles) is a younger resident of the trailer park, and is a name synonymous with his friend Trevor (played by Michael Jackson).

Character Background[]

Living Arrangements[]

It's assumed that Cory and Trevor always mess up and have always lived together in their trailer. Their parents are unknown. Though throughout the last few seasons of their time together on the show, they were staying with Lucy and Sarah.

Love Life[]

We have not seen any verifiable romantic activity for either person. There is some conjecture that they were involved with Sarah in some way, since she 'adopted' them at one point, taking them in and caring for them, as well as preventing Ricky and Julian from taking advantage of them whenever they wanted. [1] At various points throughout the series, she has referred to them as her 'boyfriends' and even announces marriage to both of them.[2] Conversely, Sarah has also stated that she is not interested in marrying them or 'banging' them. [3], so it remains a mystery.

Cory and Trevor are probably heterosexual, but on the other side of it, they once unknowingly hooked up with two male cross-dressers [4], knew exactly when the male dancers were on stage at the strip club,[5] and had little problem agreeing to work on men at Julian's erotic massage parlour.[6]

At one point, Trevor also hooked up with a mountain lion in a sleeper trailer, although not by choice.[7]

Criminal Activities[]

Generally, Cory and Trevor are kept around by Julian and Ricky to do their grunt work and act as 'jail cover' in case things go wrong. They perform many menial tasks for the boys, including vehicle theft,[8] gas siphoning,[9] transportation of stolen goods and drugs[10], creating diversions, and more.

Whenever Ricky or Julian are in trouble with the police, they use some permutation of Trevor and Cory's names (i.e., 'Cory Trevor')[11] or simply blame the crime on them, and this has landed them in jail a couple of times.[12]

When the boys opened up a convenience store in a shed in the park with Sarah in a managerial role, they specialized in selling loose cigarettes and bootleg DVDs and porno movies, something they mistakenly announced to broadcaster Steve Rogers live on Channel 10.[13]


Cory and Trevor are often referred to as one entity by others, and they are rarely seen apart--and during these rare separations, they don't seem able to function without each other

Cory is more socially adept, slightly more aggressive and the more animated of the two characters. He has some minor experience in rapping. Trevor is the less intelligent of the two, and is considered to be "fucked". [14]

They put a great deal of stock in what Ricky and Julian think of them (especially Trevor), and seek out praise and affection from them both like a dog seeks from its master. Their signature move is raising their hands for low-fives, but they are very often left hanging.[15]. On rare occasions, they have gotten low-fives from the boys, but these are deemed as rewards and not to be handed out lightly.[16] Starved for attention, they look to Ricky and Julian as role models and are prepared to do whatever they ask.

Through time the pair become slightly more resistant to abuse from the boys, and on a few occasions they actively confront Ricky and attempt to defend themselves.[17] This behaviour and Sarah's coaching eventually allow them some measure of independence and protection from further subjugation.

Interaction With The Group[]

Cory and Trevor are the targets of much name calling and abuse from Ricky. During several episodes before season 8, Bubbles, Ricky and particularly Julian treat Cory (In Trevor's absence) as one might treat dogs, ordering them to "Stay", "Sit", whistling for him, making kissing sounds to call him and giving him water in a dog's water bowl. Bubbles also ridicules Trevor in particular, calling him a skinny alien, or variations of same.[18] Julian, for his part, went through a long phase where he defended them to Ricky and tried to 'train' them, and this riled Ricky at the time.[19] Generally Julian is more patient with them than Ricky, as he is with most people. However, they are still looked down upon by Julian and expected to follow his every order, and are not immune from his anger.

Ricky's opinion of Cory and Trevor is about as confused as his views on everything else. While insulting, berating, and abusing them, he tells everyone that he treats them like family and doesn't understand why people think he's mean to them. The peace bond instituted by Sarah, requiring Ricky to remain at least 50 feet away from Cory and Trevor, is turned on its ear by Ricky, aided and abetted by Julian, who require Cory and Trevor to remain at least 50 feet away from Ricky instead of the other way around.

Cory and Trevor are not seen as intelligent, but as lackeys with no will of their own and no real desire in life except to get high and play video games. They are frequently ridiculed or considered losers by nearly everyone in the park. They are easily manipulated; in particular the boys can make them do all sorts of demeaning things. Jim Lahey has also been able to bend their will in his direction on several occasions, in order to get information on the criminal activities of Ricky and Julian, in exchange for letting them off some minor infraction or by bribing them with simple ice cream.[20]

Absence From Season Seven[]

Cory and Trevor were conspicuously missing just before the stolen-meat operation. This was explained by Sarah: As a result of Julian and Ricky's abusive treatment of them over the years, plus the pressure from Ricky and his dope-growing operation which they helped set up, they both checked themselves into a mental institution on the advice of a psychiatrist who ministered to them while they were in jail, warning them that they were too reliant on the boys and needed to become their own people.[21]

Their departure deeply upset Ricky, who went on at length about how he treated them so well and they didn't know how good they had it. He was at first angry at them for leaving, then truly sad that they were gone. Later when he is training Jacob Collins and his two lackeys, he finally puts Trevor and Cory up on a pedestal by saying that they could never be as good as them.[22]

After the completion of Trailer Park Boys: The Movie (Movie) and Season 6, Cory Bowles and Michael Jackson quit the show due to a variety of complaints with the show's direction.

Return of Cory in Season 8[]

Cory explains that upon release from the mental hospital, he and Trevor hitchhiked around the world for a few years. They travelled as far as China and London. They went to New York to see a Backstreet Boys reunion concert. Cory and Trevor became separated when Trevor got on the subway ("because it was famous and stuff") and the door shut before Cory could get on.[23]

From that point on, Cory is partnered exclusively with Jacob Collins by the boys. Their interaction is similar to the Cory/Trevor pairing but it often seems as though Cory is the less intelligent of the two, when previously that would have been Trevor's position.

Jail Times[]

If I Can't Smoke And Swear, I'm Fucked (Episode)-450 hours (18 days, 18 hours) of community service

The Shit Blizzard (Episode)-5 Months

Trailer Park Boys: The Movie (Movie)-1 Month