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Cyrus Wilson “Cy” MacDougall (played by Bernard Robichaud) is a recurring character in the series, beginning with the first episode.

Cyrus' first encounter with the boys was in the first episode. [1] He showed up at the park while Julian and Ricky were in jail, and moved himself into Julian's trailer. He began to intimidate the residents and run his own operations out of the park, until Julian evicted him upon his return.

He then reappears in the classroom when Ricky is taking his grade 10 exam. [2] He cheats by reading answers written on the back of Jacob Collins' neck and arms. Ricky rats out Cyrus to the teacher and he and Jacob are ejected from the classroom. Later in the episode he finds Ricky and he has a shootout with the boys in the park to try to kill Ricky for stealing Lucy back and causing him to fail his Grade 10. Sam Losco is also there trying to kill J-Roc and Julian. He and Sam are later arrested.

In season four, he is the provider of masseurs for Julian's Rub 'N' Tug, unbeknownst to them. He shows up and demands his cut of the operation, and is ejected from the park by Randy this time, who doffs his tight pants and beats Cyrus up.[3]

Many of the events of season 5 revolve around Cyrus. He partners up with Ricky's friends Terry & Dennis in the procurement and sale of hash. Their entire stockpile is then stolen by Julian, and once Cyrus gets wind of this, they head to the park to get it back. But (after a massive shootout with Julian, Ricky, Bubbles, Trevor and Cory), Cyrus, Terry and Dennis end up being arrested due to their general incompetence and bad luck.[4] Later that season, Cyrus and company are bailed out from jail by Jim and Randy,[5] as it is Jim's insane hope that Cyrus will kill Ricky and Julian in an attempt to get even. This of course doesn't happen and Cyrus is again arrested and jailed.[6]

Cyrus finally reappears in the finale, released from jail, and attending Country Dirty Dancing at the Blandford Recreation Center. There he feigns innocence to gain admission against the 'no dicks' policy of the event, but ends up trying to steal money and dope from the boys. He fails as Jim's plan to have everyone (Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, Ray, Lucy, J-Roc, Trinity, Sarah, Jacob, Tyrone and himself) arrested succeeds in short order.[7]

Cyrus's latest appearance was in the third installment in the Trailer Park boys films, in which he appeared at Ray's funeral at the dump. He appears there acting as Julian's friend, to which Julian clarifies that they aren't friends but business partners. Later in the film, Cyrus is waiting for Julian in Montreal to deliver many boxes of 'Drug Piss', which was stolen from the military for resale to people wanting to beat drug tests. Customers needing to pass a drug test can buy some "clean, military-grade" drug piss for "fifty to seventy bucks" and pass the drug screening. Sam Losco is living in Cyrus's trailer and helping him out for "free Kraft Dinner".

Later in the film, Terry and Dennis rob Julian of the Drug Piss, under the influence of Cyrus.


Cyrus always carries a gun that he said his father gave him, but it seems that most of the time he doesn't use it, despite his assertions to the contrary. On at least two occasions, he threatens to shoot people with it, but his bluff is called.

Cyrus always wears his black leather studded jacket and shades.

He always drives his red 1979 Corvette. The song he often plays in his car is called "I'm Old (You're Young)" by Rick Jeffery.

His trademark phrase, which he often uses to make a big exit, is "Fuck off, I've got work to do."

His pronunciation of "Julian" comes out sounding like "Julianne" which is the French feminine form of Julian's name. It is unclear whether Cyrus does this intentionally to needle Julian or unintentionally due to his peculiar accent.

In the animated series, the boys always figure he was ripping off the fonz.

Jail Time[]

"The Bare Pimp Project" - 18 Months

"Give Peace A Chance" - 18 Months (bailed out one month later by Lahey)

"The Shit Blizzard" - 2 Years

"Say Goodnight To The Bad Guys" - Unknown, probably over 2 years or so.