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This special takes us back to 1997 before Randy was Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor, before J-Roc and Tyrone were "urbanized", before Barb and Jim broke up, before the shitmobile lost a door and before Lahey was a drunk bastard. The Trailer Park Boys Xmas special pre-dates the series by several years.



It opens with Julian bailing Ricky out of jail on the verge of Christmas. Ricky is furious though because he always has a good time in jail at Christmas and doesn't know what to do on the outside. Julian assures him things will be fine, that all he has to do is buy stuff for Lucy and it will all turn out. Julian even has a way for Ricky to make the money to do this - by helping him steal Christmas gifts at the mall. Bubbles does not approve however and will not help the boys. Instead he wants them to spend Christmas with him. It's a difficult time of the year for him because this is when his parents abandoned him as a child. They left behind a present for him that, to this day he has not opened because he's waiting for their return to do so.


The boys are too busy with their stealing to notice though. At the same time Barb and Jim are still together though their relationship is clearly strained and Jim is not allowed to drink. As an act of charity Barb brings home a hungry male prostitute dressed as an Elf – Randy. Instantly Jim panics – there’s some history here that he’s desperate to keep from Barb. Seems he and Randy were intimates in the past.


As the holiday draws close the various pressures on everyone are too much to bare and things come to a head in church where Ricky sells dope and Lahey shows up drunk. Barb dumps Jim and Bubbles storms off heart-broken by Ricky’s behaviour. Ricky makes a speech from the pulpit and comes to understand the true meaning of Christmas – getting drunk and stoned with your family. The boys go back to the park and apologize to Bubbles. He forgives them and in a tearful moment opens the present from his parents, realizing his real family were around him in the park all along.


This special gives a clear indicator as to why Ricky is particularly hard on Cory and Trevor; they had destroyed Ricky's chances at getting back together with Lucy that took several years to fix.

The special also explores the fact that despite Bubbles indication that Julian's grandmother caused most of the damage to the Shitmobile, it was actually Ricky who caused much of the damage, including the missing front passenger door.

Despite their marriage and both living in the trailer park together, there is no indication, or references toward Treena Lahey, Lahey and Barb's daughter.

This special explains why Randy is so fond of his pants; they were a gift from Mr. Lahey after he spilled eggnog all over his elf suit. Randy receives the pants again after Christmas is over, and is shown throughout the series (such as in "Where In The Fuck Is Randy's Barbeque?") to have a particular attachment to items Mr. Lahey gives him.


"Well, a man is supposed to always be thinking about stuff about his family and for to make himself to do things that are going to gooder the family up, around, and gooder it up. And that is what is a man."

Ricky's knock-knock jokes[]

Ricky: "Knock knock, Lahey."

Lahey: "Who's there, Ricky?"

Ricky: "Fucking shitty fucking trailer park supervisor, hangs around with a big gutted drunk elf, thinks he's getting us thrown back in jail, but he can't, because he's got no evidence, he's dumb as fuck, he's got this other thing going on in his head, it's trying to twirl you around, fucking get... different... Fuck!"