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Dennis and Terry (Mio Adilman and Nobu Adilman) are a pair of Japanese-Canadian brothers who use their grandmother's house as a cover to deal hash. The brothers debuted in the episode Give Peace a Chance in season 5. Ricky has known since their childhood days, but they are not well-liked by Julian and Bubbles, partially due to their abuse of their grandmother's trust, but also due to their habit of walking around the house wearing only their bathrobes while not covering their private parts. They quickly become enemies of the Boys after revealing that they work with Cyrus. At the end of season 5, they are imprisoned alongside Cyrus.

Season 5[]

They first appear in the pilot for season 5 and it is revealed Ricky has been great friends with them for a LONG time and knows their Grandmother well and apparently often buys hash off of them. They walk around with their bathrobes hung open which really puts in ANOTHER reason Bubbles and Julian don't like them. Bubbles says he hates it because he has to pretend he likes being there. Later when they visit them they learn that their partner is Cyrus and they quickly leave after a little fight with Cyrus pointing guns at each other. They leave after Julian steals Terry & Dennis' gun which upsets Cyrus.

Later Julian gets Cory and Trevor and they have a huge plan to rob Cyrus, Terry & Dennis. The plan goes well and he claims it's the best Cory & Trevor have ever done before. Proud they come back with the hash and Julian steals their car while he's at it and when they head back, Cyrus sees Bubbles who was following them in his cart. He fires shots and later Ricky hates Julian for making his friends hate them.

After a huge shootout against Ray's Trailer with the three, the cops come and Dennis admits that it was their hash by accident and Lahey protects the boys against the cops and Dennis, Terry, and Cyrus go to jail for a long time. Then Randy bails them out with the money Julian gave him for his grandmother's trailer. It's an even bigger shootout this time with a cop being involved and lots of action. Later Cyrus and the boys went to jail for a LONG LONG time because of it and even Ricky had to do some time.

Cyrus reappears in Say Goodnight To The Bad Guys, along with Terry and Dennis.