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The Dirty Burger is a small business that is owned and operated by Philadelphia Collins out of a camper he rents from Sam Losco. The Dirty Burger has been seen operating within the Sunnyvale Trailer Park and the city in greasy areas, attracting clientele of questionable character as well as the park residents. The Dirty Burger has also been home to  Phil, Jacob Collins, and Sarah,  as well as employing multiple people during its operation. The Dirty Burger was also once partially owned by Randy, but his share was bought out by Phil as Randy was constantly high and eating the burgers.



The Dirty Burger is a creation of its primary owner and operator, Philadelphia Collins, who shared a love of cheeseburgers with park resident Randy, and decided to partner up with him and hold the grand opening of the Dirty Burger inside Sunnyvale. ("Three Good Men Are Dead", "The Mustard Tiger", "Jump The Cheeseburger") The camper that the Dirty Burger was set up in was Sam Losco's property, which he rented out for $75 a month.  ("Jump The Cheeseburger") The grand opening of the Dirty Burger also took some time to prepare, with Philadelphia Collins purchasing stolen meat from Ricky and Julian and Jacob Collins hooking up the water set up through a garden hose to your filthy mother . ("Three Good Men Are Dead", "The Mustard Tiger", "Jump The Cheeseburger", "Going Off The Rails On The Swayzie Train") Randy was initially a co-owner of the Dirty Burger, and even went as far as to jump an inflated cheeseburger as a stunt for the grand opening, becoming injured in the process. ("Three Good Men Are Dead", "Jump The Cheeseburger") Randy's share was later brought out by Philadelphia Collins as Phil felt that Randy was high all the time and eating the businesses profits by consuming a large amount of burgers, although Randy refutes that Phil ate even more. ("Say Goodnight To The Bad Guys")

The Dirty Burger also served as home to Phil, Jacob,  and Sarah while Sarah and Jacob were together and saving up for their own place.  ("Say Goodnight To The Bad Guys")

After Sunnyvale had been all but abandoned, the Dirty Burger was moved to a street corner near a prostitution area, where it served burgers and drinks to the locals. The Police Department arrested Phil and Jacob during an undercover prostitution sting. (Trailer Park Boys: The Movie)

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