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Freedom 35 was a dope growing operation conceived by Julian, where the boys would grow dope clones and turn it into hash, and later sell it to prison guards for a large sum of money. The plan was created out of a desire to retire from a life of crime, as well as the fact that Ricky and Julian discovered that the dope supplied within the Jails was of sub par quality.

"'Freedom 45"' was the plan of getting control of the park in Season 10.


The operation was initially funded by selling J-Roc the car stereos that Ricky and Julian had stolen from the Mall, although J-Roc was not able to provide as much money as Julian had planned on, because business had not been as great as it should have been. ("What In The Fuck Happened To Our Trailer Park?") Additional funding was provided by the opening of J-Roc's Crib, an illegal casino and nightclub held inside of the trailer belonging to J-Roc's mother. The boys were able to keep the money by doing Randy a favor, and making it look as if he had shut the club down for good, scoring a victory in front of Mr. Lahey. ("I've Met Cats And Dogs Smarter Than Cory And Trevor")

The Operation[]


The Airstream.

The operation initially began as a small time side project inside of Julian's trailer that was soon moved to the Airstream to provide a more controlled, and secured environment. ("What In The Fuck Happened To Our Trailer Park?", "Jim Lahey Is A Drunk Bastard") It soon grew into a much larger than expected operation, when the prison guards started to call and request more and more dope, going as far as to request at least twenty pounds of hash. ("I've Met Cats And Dogs Smarter Than Cory And Trevor")

The operation came to an end when Julian was able to harvest the dope and convert it into hash, placing it inside of pens which were then delivered to a prison guard. ("The Bare Pimp Project")

For Freedom 45, the plan was to use reverse psychology on Barb and Jim, making them believe he likes the changes they made to the park (turning it into a retirement community) and also making it seem like he didn't care about the park to everyone. Towards the end of the season they got Jim back on the liquor so he would lose control. At the end of Season 9 in the episode (The Liquor Snurf) Julian got Jim to sign a contract signing the park over to a company who bought it, which was owned by Julian, while Jim was drunk in a tub filled with liquor. In the first episode of Season 10 (Freedom 45?) for the first time the boys own the park thanks to the plan, Freedom 45.



Tanya, con artist who nearly foiled the operation.

Over the course of the operation, there were several threats that endangered the outcome, ranging from a complete loss of the crop to a theft that nearly caused the boys to lose out on the crop. One of the first threats the operation faced was when Julian acquired the wrong dope clones, causing potentially four extra weeks of work to be required as well as inadvertently killing several plants during the setup. ("What In The Fuck Happened To Our Trailer Park?")

The Airstream the dope was kept in later became infested with Spider Mites, threatening the entire crop to be wiped out save for potentially eight, which had been kept in the back of the Airstream. However, the eight plants were destroyed when Bubble's shed burned down, causing the boys to scramble and their last hope to be the shoebox full of ladybugs released into the Airstream. ("A Dope Trailer Is No Place For A Kitty")

The operation nearly came to an end when Hampton and Tanya disguised themselves as Bible salespeople and manipulated Julian into leaving the Airstream unguarded so that Hampton could steal the dope. The boys were able to recover the dope in the parking lot of The Slick Pimp , thus resuming the operation with no actual loss of dope or future income, ("The Bible Pimp")


The result of the operation.

The boys had to move the dope from the Airstream and into Ray's trailer when they had become convinced that Mr. Lahey had called the police and acquired a search warrant. It proved to be a ruse when Treena warned the boys that Lahey had lied and waited to see where they moved the dope to, and get the search warrant for that address. The boys were able to manipulate the police away from searching Ray's trailer, protecting the dope from seizure and the boys from arrest and imprisonment, later placing the dope back into the Airstream. ("Never Trust A Man With No Shirt On")

For Freedom 45, Barb Lahey, Donna, and Candy (Barb and Donna's friend from prison) take the boys to court to claim fraud on the signing of the park over to Julians company. Barb eventually wins the case (after Julian extends the trial 20 days and has his lawyer bribe a judge, (but the lawyer got caught in the process), resulting in Barb getting back control of the park leaving Julian to be evicted.