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Gord Downie was the lead singer of the Canadian band, The Tragically Hip. He and the band seem to have a long standing association with the Trailer Park Boys. He passed away in October 2017 following a battle with glioblastoma.

Gord and the Boys[]

Gord Downie

Downie has known director Mike Clattenburg for some time, as Clattenburg directed a Tragically Hip music video for their song "11th Fret" in 2003.[1]

In return, Downie has said that he has based some of his song-writing on ideas he has discussed with Mike.[2]

Downie has also acted in the franchise. His initial appearance was in the first movie, where he played a cop alongside fellow musician Alex Lifeson. (Trailer Park Boys) He then appeared at the Country Dirty Dancing event at the Blanford Recreation center, eating a bologna sandwich. At the same event, J-Roc performs his song "2108", which is a remix to The Tragically Hip's song "Ahead By a Century". ("Say Goodnight To The Bad Guys") In the 2003 episode "Closer To The Heart", Ricky kidnaps Alex Lifeson and later introduces Julian to him as Gord Downie in an effort to hide Julian's identity.

In 2006, the boys returned the favour and starred along side the band in the music video for their single release of "Darkest One" where they steal a car engine for him in exchange for take out chicken.

The Hip song "Bobcaygeon" was featured in and appeared on the soundtrack to Trailer Park Boys.

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