I Banged Lucy And Knocked Her Up... No Big Deal.
Lucy tells Ricky who the baby's father is.


April 15, 2007


7x02 (47)


Mike Clattenburg

Barrie Dunn

Michael Volpe


Mike Clattenburg

John Paul Tremblay

Robb Wells

Mike Smith

Jonathan Torrens

Iain MacLeod


Ricky (Robb Wells)

Julian (John Paul Tremblay)

Bubbles (Mike Smith)

Jim Lahey (John Dunsworth)

Randy (Patrick Roach)

Lucy (Lucy Decoutere) (credit only)

Sarah (Sarah Dunsworth)

J-Roc (Jonathan Torrens)

Ray (Barrie Dunn) (credit only)

Cory (Cory Bowles) (archive footage only)

Trevor (Michael Jackson) (archive footage only)

Trinity (Jeanna Harrison)

Barb Lahey (Shelley Thompson) (credit only)

T (Tyrone Parsons)

Guest Stars

Ted Johnson (James Swansburg)

George Green (George Green (actor))

Phil Collins (Richard Collins)

Sam Losco (Sam Tarasco)

Shitty Bill (Brian Huggins)


Ricky tries to discover who is the real father of Lucy's baby.

Plot SynopsisEdit


J-Roc gives us a tour of $crilla Villa - an enterprise where he sells items he has stolen from luggage at the airport. We also discover that Lucy is working for him in this venture because she doesn't feel as though Ricky will be able to provide for them. J-Roc introduces us to his two babies, one of which is black. He says that he and T will both be raising the babies as co-parents.

Act IEdit

Bubbles shows Ray his new hobby -- model trains. He has built a track around his shed. Bubbles tells Ray he is not working for the boys any more. Ricky arrives on scene and has serious questions to ask them both. He is wondering whether Lucy could be pregnant without having sex with him, since they haven't done it it some time. Ray bails on answering the question, leaving Bubbles to demonstrate sexual reproduction using his model train as an example.

Barb squabbles with Randy in the trailer, and it's clear that the threesome is not working out very well. Randy is quick to anger and today he is punching walls because he's ripped his pants accidentally.

Ricky now has figured out that he could not be the father of Lucy's child and somberly feeds a raccoon. Julian comes upon him, sees that he is very emotional and tries to give him a pep talk. And also asked him to work with him and J-Roc on the luggage thing. Ricky declines. He then spies J-Roc picking up Lucy for work and assumes this means that J-Roc is the father.

At the airport, George Green and Ted Johnson are staking out the airport trying to find the luggage thieves. They witness everyone showing up and assume that Julian is the mastermind. Then Ricky also shows up and charges up to the rest of the team in the airport luggage area. His intention is to confront J-Roc about Lucy. J-Roc and T both swear they have not had sex with Lucy and everyone tries to calm him down and stop causing a scene that might call attention to the thievery. Ricky storms off.

Act IIEdit

Jim tells Barb that Ted and George are making him take a double shift. Someone knocks at the door and leaves behind a package addressed to Barb -- pair of cowboy boots and an apparent love note. Both of them assume it is from Randy in an attempt to make up.

Bubbles is invited by Ray to have supper and has a train magazine to give him. However, Ray's car won't start and insists Bubbles helps him boost the car before he hands over the magazine. Bubbles knows that his go-cart will not be able to start the car but Ray insists he try.

Ricky barges into Lucy's trailer demands a conversation, he tramples the film crew in the process. Sarah comes in and freaks out at him.

Julian approaches Ray and Bubbles looking for Ricky. He sees the situation there and offers to use his car to boost Ray. Bubbles reads his magazine and sees there is a train convention in Maine that he is interested it, featuring Sebastian Bach from Skid Row and Patrick Swayzie's prize winning locomotive. Julian's hackles go up when he hears this name and Bubbles tells us the back story behind how Julian got this nickname. He was caught dancing like Patrick Swayze from this movie when he was younger. Bubbles swears to Julian it is not the same Patrick Swayze who is at the convention. Then Ricky arrives asking after Lucy. He sees her pulling up with J-Roc and tries to go to her, but Ray angrily explodes demanding someone start his car. Ricky hooks up the jumper cables while the others shout at each other.

Lucy, in the meantime, has gone into $crilla Villa to help Randy try on some replacement pants. Ricky calls her out and Randy tags along. Ricky demands to know who the father is. She tries to deflect him but it doesn't work. Unbeknownst to them, Ted and George are witnessing the whole exchange from their patrol car. George admits to Ted that they had sex after the Cheeseburger Picnic, but that it didn't count because he was drunk and stoned. Ricky and Randy get into a fight and argue about Ricky's dope prices. They engage in a spitting war. Ted and George agree to stick Jim with the paperwork on their surveillance. Finally, Lucy admits that the father of her baby is Randy; they had sex while Ricky was in the drunk dank. Randy confirms this, and they both make a retreat.

Act IIIEdit

Jim is on patrol at the liquor store and runs into Sam, deciding to give him a hard time. He ejects him from the building and forces him to leave the area. After that, Jim and Ted arrive and foist their paperwork chores on him, mocking him all the time. When they leave, Jim tears up the paperwork.

Later that night, Randy announces to Jim and Barb that he is the father of Lucy's baby. They are both shocked and Barb is especially disturbed by the news. Jim decides that it is time for Randy to move out and Barb fires him. Paying him the money that he is owed, Randy insults Barb and leaves.

Bubbles makes bologna sandwiches for him and Ray but they are interrupted by an extremely drunk Ricky. He is followed closely by Julian. Ricky stumbles around the trailer, going on about Lucy and Randy. He gives Julian a wad of cash to pay for his lot fees, then passes out.

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"I'm not workin' for J-Roc, man. It's against my vice-principals."

"I can't believe it. J-Roc bornt my baby. Fuck.'

"You look me in the eyes right now and tell me I'm the father of your yet to be unbornt baby."

"I will make you have a uternity test if I have to."

"Lucy's baby's not gonna be mine 'cause she's being bornt by Randy, Dad!"

"I got that for your mortgagey payment."

Lahey's Shit TalkEdit

"Birds of a shit feather, Ted."

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