Gimme My Fuckin' Money Or Randy's Dead


April 8, 2007


7x01 (46)


Mike Clattenburg

Barrie Dunn

Michael Volpe


Mike Clattenburg

John Paul Tremblay

Robb Wells

Mike Smith

Jonathan Torrens

Iain MacLeod


Ricky (Robb Wells)

Julian (John Paul Tremblay)

Bubbles (Mike Smith)

Jim Lahey (John Dunsworth)

Randy (Patrick Roach)

Lucy (Lucy Decoutere) (credit only)

Sarah (Sarah Dunsworth)

J-Roc (Jonathan Torrens)

Ray (Barrie Dunn) (credit only)

Cory (Cory Bowles) (archive footage only)

Trevor (Michael Jackson) (archive footage only)

Trinity (Jeanna Harrison)

Barb Lahey (Shelley Thompson) (credit only)

T (Tyrone Parsons)

Guest Stars

Ted Johnson (James Swansburg)

George Green (George Green (actor))

Phil Collins Richard Collins

Jacob Collins Jacob Rolfe

Sam Losco Sam Tarasco

Mrs. Anderson Pam Lutz

Meat Dick #1 Jason Daley

Meat Dick #2 Nicholas Lachance


The boys' stolen meat operation is less than ideal, causing Julian and Bubbles to seek other ways to earn money. Jim Lahey adjusts to life as a cop.

Plot SynopsisEdit


The shitmobile pulls up to a grocery store. Ricky, Julian and Bubbles begin an operation to steal meat from the store. While Ricky and Julian enter the store to do the actual stealing, Bubbles remains in the parking lot on the walkie talkie. Bubbles is so high, he messes with the walkie, changing the channel and his transmissions start coming over the store's PA system. This freaks out Ricky and Julian who make a hasty exit.

Act IEdit

Phase two of the operation: the boys take the stolen meat to another location in order to sell it. Ricky complains about Cory and Trevor not being around and explains that they left and are never coming back. Phil Collins is also in the parking lot selling mackerel and blueberries and has a minor fracas with the boys near the car. Continuing to smoke from a massive bong, the boys' former grade three teacher shows up and cheerfully suggests to the boys that they may want to change the way they live their lives. Again the boys make a rapid exit from the scene.

Back at the park, Julian says he wants to bail on the stolen meat operation in order to get a job. He is not getting enough money to keep paying for his trailer. Officer Jim Lahey arrives to buy dope and meat off Ricky and wants to haggle over the price because mall dope is cheaper. Ricky also complains that animals keep eating his dope and he needs to sell it quickly and make some money.

Bubbles goes to visit Ray who is tearing the copper pipe out of his trailer to sell for scrap so he can buy liquor. Bubbles wants some advice on whether he's on the right path in life. Ray says he's tired of being the assistant park supervisor and really wants to be a truck driver again. Bubbles also says that he doesn't want to do greasy crimes anymore. When they arrive at Shitty Bill's, Bubbles decides he wants to run his own operations and Ray suggests he take up a hobby. They agree to work together on a scrap metal business.

Act IIEdit

Julian lands a job working with Jacob delivering pizzas. After impressing Jacob with his Monte Carlo, Julian's first job is to deliver a pizza to Sam Losco. Sam stiffs him for 50 cents while Julian lies about the reason he is the delivery person.

At the police station, George Green heads up a daily meeting. He issues assignments related to both missing luggage at the airport and stores complaining of stolen meat. Before the meeting breaks, the make Jim Lahey run to Tim Horton's for everyone and mock him in the process.

Ricky visits Lucy, (who is pregnant), Sarah and Trinity and brings them some meat. Lucy complains that what they really need is money and there is a minor argument. Ricky promises to do better and blames Cory and Trevor for the situation they are in. He pressures Sarah because he believes she knows their wherabouts. In a cut-away interview, Sarah explains that Cory and Trevor are in a mental institution and have been advised not to return to Sunnyvale because Ricky drove them crazy. But she actually lies to Ricky and says tshe doesnt know where they are.

Bubbles and Ray visit Ricky and offer to buy some pizza with their scrap metal earnings. Ray also lets it slip that Ricky is delivering pizzas.

Julian's next delivery is to J-Roc and T at the airport. They are both working at the terminal and all three lie about their employment circumstances. 

Ricky and Bubbles head out for the next meat heist and it is the largest order so far. Bubbles has his doubts about the success of this mission.

Act IIIEdit

At the meat store, Ricky sends a reluctant Bubbles to get into the buildings meat freezer and wait until it closes, at which point he can emerge and open the main doors so they can do the heist. But Ricky has not realized that the store is open later than he thought and instructs Bubbles to wait it out. Several hours later, Julian arrives on the scene with a pizza Ricky ordered and tries convinces him to give up the pizza job and rejoin the meat operation. Bubbles cannot be raised on the walkie once the store has closed and Julian frantically breaks into the store to rescue him. He is immobile in the freezer and they attempt to warm him up with whatever they can find.

They get him back to the park and into his shed bed. Bubbles vows not to work with Ricky and Julian any longer. He goes to sleep and the other two leave to burn some dope which has gone moldy. Ricky admits to missing Cory and Trevor and Julian tells him to get over it. Julian also says that they will eventually sell the dope but Ricky has to lower his prices.

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"Lemme spelt it out for you. See what that says? Twelve bucks a gram, firms."

Ricky discovers that raccoons are eating his dope and he calls them 'rakins'.

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