Similar to Rickyisms, J-Roc has been known to speak alternate terminology and pronounce things differently then most others would, but this often isn't through lack of understanding but to appear "urbanized" or "street". It should be noted however, that there are times when others of his clique or of a similar nature will wonder just what it is he is saying or means.


  • Album Drops: The usage of the term seems to indicate the general release of the album
  • Gankin': Stealing, such as groceries or luggage
  • Joint: A vast array of things, including a business, a music album or a single song
  • Mah: Most often (if not always), used in favor of the explicative "mother fucker", the term "Mah fucker" is sometimes used as well. There also seems to be other uses for the term, as J-Roc once used it repetitively when referring to his trailer.
  • Pin Tight: Legit or legal, at the very least there is no shady or illegitimate connections to the object J-Rock has refereed to as "pin tight" J-Roc also used the term when referring to the fact that business had not been that great, perhaps referring to the lack of shady and/or illegitimate connections. ("What In The Fuck Happened To Our Trailer Park?")
  • Playin': Most often, this seems to refer to lying or embarrassment ("Mr. Lahey's Got My Porno Tape")
  • Scrilla: Most often (if not always), money.
  • Whack: Most often meaning something is messed up or not right ("Mr. Lahey's Got My Porno Tape")


  • Know wha' I'm sayin': instead of saying, " know what I am saying" and most often, this will be slurred together to sound more like "NowhaIahmSahyin" or "gnome sayin'"