Jim Lahey Is A Drunk Bastard
Jim makes his speech.


May 30, 2002




Mike Clattenburg

Barrie Dunn

Michael Volpe


Mike Clattenburg

John Paul Tremblay

Robb Wells

Barrie Dunn


Ricky (Robb Wells)

Julian (John Paul Tremblay)

Bubbles (Mike Smith)

Jim Lahey (John Dunsworth)

Randy (Patrick Roach)

Lucy (Lucy Decoutere)

Sarah (Sarah Dunsworth)

J-Roc (Jonathan Torrens)

Ray (Barrie Dunn)

Cory (Cory Bowles)

Trevor (Michael Jackson)

Treena (Ellen Page) (credit only)

Sam Losco (Sam Tarasco)

Barb Lahey (Shelley Thompson)

Guest Stars

T (Tyrone Parsons) (uncredited)

Channel 10 Reporter (Doug Barron)

Police Officer (George Green (actor))


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Sam Losco's Signs

An election is called to replace Jim as park supervisor. Julian and the gang conspire to think of a way to get him re-elected, since the only other person running is Sam Losco.

Plot Synopsis Edit

Teaser Edit

Julian emerges from his trailer to find a notice on his door about a trailer park supervisor election. He confronts a drunken Jim Lahey about this, who implies that he doesn't care about the park anymore and then falls over.

Act One Edit

Sam Losco is seen by Ricky and Sarah posting campaign signs around the park. Sam explains that because he performed unlicensed surgery on Ricky last year, he lost his veterinary license as well as his clinic, and is now living in the park. Ricky admits that he revealed this information about Sam while in in jail and this was how the authorities caught up with him. Sam thinks his chances are good of becoming the new supervisor, since Lahey is a hopeless drunk. Sam promises when he does win, his first task will be to throw Ricky and the other troublemakers out of Sunnyvale.

Lahey returns to his trailer to be confronted with a mob of park residents complaining about the state of the park. Jim ignores them all and enters his trailer announcing his intent to get drunk.

Bubbles reveals that Randy has quit the job of assistant supervisor because of his new situation with Lucy, and this is probably the reason Jim has taken to heavy drinking. Randy and Lucy's take on this is that Randy was unappreciated in that job and was frequently refused a raise or promotion. Jim Lahey blames the state of the park on Randy's departure because Jim can't do the job properly without him.

Ricky and Sarah visit Julian and Bubbles while working on Julian's car. Ricky tells them that Sarah has found the perfect place for Ricky to grow his pot -- a derelict Airstream trailer in the park. The only downside is that it's owned by Jim Lahey. Julian quickly hatches a plan and asks Bubbles to fetch some documents from his trailer.

The three boys go to visit Lahey, in the throes of a drunken stupor. Julian talks to him about a re-election campaign. Lahey says it's too late and feels there is no way he can win against Sam. Playing on Jim's heartstrings, he promises to get Randy to leave Lucy, and all Jim has to do is sign a six month lease on the Airstream trailer and stop drinking for the duration of the campaign. Jim agrees to run.

Act Two Edit

The boys start setting up the hydroponics gear in the Airstream. Then we meet Barb Lahey who is interviewed about being the owner of Sunnyvale and her relationship with her ex-husband, Jim. Sam Losco pays Cory and Trevor in home-made hot dogs to put his campaign signs up in the park, then meets with Barb about running for supervisor. Barb seems to be impressed with Sam's enthusiasm.

The boys find Cory and Trevor putting up Sam's signs, and tell them to cut it out. Julian gathers everyone together to talk about getting Lahey ready for election speeches. He tells Cory and Trevor to get Jim cleaned up and nicely dressed. J-Roc suggests the idea of getting TV coverage for the campaign speeches. They decide to go for it and Ricky puts in a call to the station, intending to pay the crew in weed.

Meanwhile, Lahey is getting prepared, and asks Cory for liquor to keep him on an even keel. Julian talks to Randy in an attempt to convince him to show up and support Mr. Lahey during his speech. Randy is resistant. Julian also implies that Lucy is only with him to make Ricky jealous.

Julian returns to J-Roc and instructs him to acquire some magic mushrooms within the hour. He then checks on Lahey's progress and discover that Cory and Trevor have allowed Lahey to drink. Julian takes the booze away, and tells the boys to sober him up.

The Channel 10 news reporter interviews various members of the park as part of their coverage. Jim drives onto the scene, but backs into a picket fence while doing so. Officer George Green and his partner who are on the scene as security, remove Jim from the car and arrest him for DUI. Sam uses this as a gambit in his campaign, saying that he is better than a 'drunken idiot'. Suddenly, the bottle kids attack the crowd, but Sam manages to apprehend two of the youth, and announces to the crowd that he 'produces results' and he's not even been elected yet. The boys' plan to get Lahey elected seems to be sinking fast.

Act Three Edit

Ricky and Julian convince the police to let Lahey make his speech before he is taken to jail, and George agrees. Julian's last idea to rig the election is to spike Sam's hot dog with the magic mushrooms. With a minor distraction, they plant the 'shrooms in Sam's hotdog, and he eats it, unaware.

Sam steps up to make his speech but after a few moments, he hesitates and begins to speak utter gibberish under the influence of the shrooms. He is heckled off the podium by Ricky and Bubbles, shouting that Sam is on drugs. Flustered, Sam leaves the stage.

Jim's speech is next, and he is clearly unable to think of what to say at the start. The crowd jeers for him too. But Randy arrives in the audience, catching Jim's eye. and Jim seems to gather some strength from this. He makes a drunken speech, his main point being that everyone has problems, and that the trailer park is all about family and community. He apologizes for his behavior and letting the park go, and they all clap for him. Afterward, Lahey puts Randy back on the job as weekend park supervisor. Randy promises to break up with Lucy.

Everyone watches the news coverage of the election, and it's announced that Lahey is re-elected. Randy adds his name to the Sunnyvale sign as 'Weekend Supervisor'.

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Background Edit

  • Ricky and Sarah are clearly shown to be an item in this episode, and for much of this season. This would seem to be in contrast with previous and subsequent seasons, where they appear to be mostly at odds with one another.
  • When Sam gives his speech, immediately after saying "police departure", we see a shot of a man with a mohawk, wearing an army jacket and sunglasses. This is a direct reference to the 1976 Martin Scorsese film Taxi Driver, in which Robert De Niro's character attends a public political rally to assassinate a senator, satirizing this classic scene, whilst simultaneously paying homage to it.
  • Sam's shroom-induced blathering seems to be recounting the events that led up to his vet license being taking away: "I'll look at Ricky's ass..." and "You get that lawnmower.." are both paraphrases of what he said on that day.
  • This episode contains the first reference to Sam Losco being a "Caveman" -- Bubbles warns Cory and Trevor that Sam is 'a caveman and a dick.'

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Ricky's Knock Knock Jokes Edit

  • Ricky: Hey Sam, Knock knock.
  • Sam: Who's there?
  • Ricky: FUCK OFF! (flips him the bird)
  • Ricky: Hey Sam, Knock knock.
  • Sam: Who's there?
  • Ricky: Get the fuck off the stage, you idiot!
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