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Lucy explains that Randy has been training for his jump.

Phil and Randy are preparing for the grand opening of the Dirty Burger. Randy is practicing a ramp jump with his bike for a performance - "Jump the Cheeseburger."

Lucy explains she has been turned on by Randy, despite his excessive sweating lately.

Theme song

Jacob has been sick with dysentery from eating Salamanders. Sarah has been taking care of him, and allows his family to feed him one small bite of Phil's Dirty Burger (has a spicy kick to it). Thomas, Phil's other son, refuses to say a "Bam," which causes some tension. So does Jacob's obsession with Julian.

Thomas despises that Jacob is friends with Julian (and dressing like him). Ricky hates Thomas enough to defend Jacob for looking like Julian and starts a fight.

Barb has been receiving love notes from a secret admirer. She first assumes they are coming from Julian. While talking to him about it, Sam approaches Phil about his $75, which quickly escalates and Ricky gets shot by a stray bullet. This causes a gunfight which draws Officer Lahey who fails talking Sam out of taking Phil hostage. Phil drives all over stuff in the park as Barb tries to drive by.

Sam confesses his love for Barb, to which a drunken Barb accepts. Jim allows it and Sam and Barb drive off together.

Phil doubts the Dirty Burger, but when Thomas asks for a Bam, he responds with a hearty "Green eggs and HAAAAAAMMMMMMM"

Randy must be high to do his jump. Ricky provides his "Captian Cupboard's" stash, which gets Randy pretty high. He misses the jump and is taken in an ambulance.

We see a shot of Lahey drinking from a fifth.

Randy wearing his protective armor.


"Muscular car"