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Lucy (played by Lucy Decoutere) is presented initially as Ricky's girlfriend/lover/roommate, although this changes many times throughout the series. She is the mother to Ricky's daughter, Trinity.

Character Background[]

Living Arrangements[]

Lucy typically has her own trailer that she shares with her daughter and Sarah . Also typically, Ricky does not share these accommodations with her most of the time, even given their cheating relationship, because she forbids it, wanting to "keep her options open" ("High Definition Piss Jugs").

Love/Sex Life[]

It's known through the interviews that Julian and Lucy once had a fling in high school that clearly Julian wants to forget about. However Lucy still hits on him from time to time, sometimes heavily, sometimes coyly, and it mostly comes out when she is drunk or high. There is also argument that Lucy and Sarah may have had some 'experimentation' in their younger days.

Lucy was known to have briefly 'banged' Cyrus in the last part of season two, in an attempt to make Ricky jealous.

Lucy also had a sexual one-off with Officer George Green , and Ricky found this out after stumbling upon their tryst, finding him naked and handcuffed to the shower rod in her trailer. (In at least one of the Swearnet season 8 previews it is revealed by Ricky that she and George Green are now married.) They eventually broke up.

It is mentioned that she banged a guy named Grover.

Somewhere between season six and seven, Lucy became pregnant after having a self proclaimed 'moment of weakness' with Randy.

Criminal Activity[]

Lucy has been known to participate in some of the operations in the park. She ran the back-end of the gas station operation using the salon she ran with Sarah to hand out the vouchers. She was willing to appear in two of J-Roc's porno films. She was also part of J-Roc's luggage stealing operation in season 7.


Lucy tends to use her sexuality to get what she wants (once attempting to bribe Ted Johnson into letting Trinity go when she was arrested and sleeping with Trinity's teacher so she could pass grade 6), sometimes successfully, but most often not.

She also tends to gravitate toward men who can do something for her, or demonstrate the ability to elevate her to a status level better than the one she has. This is why she rejects Ricky when he is down and out, but takes him back when he starts to grow dope or has any moderate amount of money.

Lucy had a boob job in season 5, a fact that Ricky didn't seem to notice, other than it seemed he was more than usually turned on by her and couldn't figure out why. In the later movies she began working at the local strip club, or as it is called, the "gentleman's club" where she has a fling with her boss, Sonny.

Jail Time[]

The Mustard Tiger (Episode)-2 Months

Money Can Suck My Cock (Episode)-4 Months

Mrs. Peterson's Dog Gets Fucked Up (Episode)-1 Year


Lucy is one of the only three characters (the others being Ricky and Julian) to appear in the 1999 movie, at least once in all seven seasons of the series, "Dear Santa Claus, Go Fuck Yourself", "Say Goodnight To The Bad Guys", Trailer Park Boys: The Movie, and Trailer Park Boys: Countdown To Liquor Day. Counting just the 'canon' appearances (the series, specials and Countdown...), Lucy is one of seven (Lucy, Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, Mr. Lahey, Randy, Sarah) to do this (Trinity was not in season two, Cory and Trevor were absent from season seven and Countdown).