The Trailer Park WIki is all about the popular Canadian Television and movie franchise, Trailer Park Boys! We've been around since 2009, but we are staking a new claim as the hub of information for everyone interested in the show. Come on out, get drunk with us and have a few laughs. We are looking for experiences writers and admins as well to make this a great place to hang out. See you there!

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Welcome to the Trailer Park Wiki

Trailer Park Boys Season 12 Coming Out!

Season 12 is out March 30th 2018, we're going to find out information and new articles will eventually be added to the Wiki. We need to make sure that our readers have time to watch the newest season before reading spoilers on this page. Please allow 1 month for folks to watch the new season.

If we find people posting spoilers, you will be placed on a temporary ban.

Also, thank you everyone for your contributions.

- Admins

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