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Mo (played by James MacKay) is the son of Trinity and Jacob Collins, the first born grandson of Ricky and Lucy, grandson of Phil Collins and great-grandson of Ray. He is also referred to as 'Baby Ray' or 'The Motel'. His real name is “The Motel” as Jacob made a serious error on the birth certificate, confusing the two things that Ricky told him to put on the certificate. Mo was born on July 21, 2014.

Baby Ray (later known as "The Motel", after being born in a barn.


Trinity originally reveals the secret she is pregnant only to Julian. Julian suggests it's better to tell Ricky before he finds out from someone else. Julian then encourages Ricky to spend time with Trinity in an attempt to facilitate that discussion. Trinity and Ricky drive to George Green's home together (where Trinity and Lucy were living at the time) and together they announce to Ricky that she has been dating Jacob and that she is pregnant. ("The Dirty Dancer")

Overjoyed Ricky after seeing his daughter and unborn grandchild after being released from jail in Season 9 Episode 1.

While Trinity is in her third trimester, they do not know the gender of the baby, but often refer to the baby with male pronouns or what Ricky refers to the baby as his "Unbornt Gramson". ("Why In The Fuck Is My Trailer Pink?")

Trinity goes into labour while living with Jacob and Ricky in a nearby barn. She frantically calls Ricky on a walkie talkie while he is out with Julian and Bubbles robbing a gas station. Rushing back to the barn to get Trinity, they run into trouble with the farmer who owns the barn Ricky is squatting in and Ricky gets shot. The farmer agrees to stop firing and help when he hears there is a baby about to be born. Trinity delivers the baby fine, a boy. ("Anointed In Liquor")

Jacob, Trinity and the newborn baby after Trinity gave birth in a barn.

Eventually, they decide to name him Ray, after Ricky's dad, and move the family into Julian's motel. ("George Green: Industrial Cock Inhaler") However, due to a mistake Jacob made on the birth registration, the baby ends up being formally named The Motel -- Jacob juxtaposed the 'name' and 'address' areas on the form, writing 'Ray' under 'address' and 'the motel' under 'name'. ("The Motel Can't Live At The Motel") From this point on, the baby is referred to as Mo or Baby Motel.

In one particular instance, he got ahold of a gun and accidentally shot Ricky in the nuts. ("My Fucking Balls, My Cock, My Hole, or My Tits")