The following is a list and detailed account of all of the illegal operations and activities that have occurred in Sunnyvale Trailer Park and surrounding area.

Trailer Park Boys 1999Edit

Pet AssassinsEdit

Pre-series, Ricky and Julian have a pet assassin operation. People pay them to get rid of neighbors pesky pet cats and dogs that urinate on their lawn, destroy their garden, etc... Julian states that he has been running the operation for 5 years, but eventually the operation leads to a shootout that lands Ricky and Julian in prison. Trailer Park Boys

Season OneEdit


Dope Operation 1 Edit

Players: Ricky
Out of jail, Ricky attempts to get his dope growing operation back up and running, so he can keep Lucy interested and earn some money. He tries to star in one of J-Roc's porn movies to fund the purchase of hydroponics gear, but the project falls through. ("Fuck Community College, Let's Get Drunk And Eat Chicken Fingers", "Mr. Lahey's Got My Porno Tape")

Ricky's Wedding Edit

Players: Julian, Bubbles, Cory, Trevor
Julian is pressured into providing the food for the Ricky and Lucy's reception, and the only way for him to do that is a robbery. On the eve of Ricky's bachelor party, Julian, Bubbles, Cory and Trevor liquor him up and head for the local grocery store and stock up while Ricky sleeps drunkenly in the stolen truck they acquired at the strip club. Ricky wakes up and staggers into the store to buy smokes and accidentally sets off a friendly fire shootout in the store. When they realize what's happened, they escape, but not before Ricky discovers he's been caught on security cameras without a mask. He is eventually arrested by Ted Johnson for the crime he had no part in planning, but Julian turns himself in also out of loyalty to Ricky. ("I'm Not Gay, I Love Lucy... Wait A Second, Maybe I Am Gay", "Who The Hell Invited These Idiots To My Wedding?")

Season Two Edit

Freedom 35 (Dope Operation 2)Edit

For the main article, see Freedom 35.

Players: Ricky, Julian, Bubbles

Once out of jail for the second time, Julian and Ricky immediately try to restart the dope growing op, and steal car stereos from the mall on the way back to the trailer to fund the purchase of gear and clones. ("What In The Fuck Happened To Our Trailer Park?")

Julian's idea is to 'just break the law a little bit' so they can eventually make enough money to retire from the life of crime. They set up a deal with local prison guards to buy an entire shipment of Ricky's dope. They open up a 'licensed' bar and casino in J-Roc's trailer (which gets shut down by Randy) and purchase more gear with the proceeds. ("I've Met Cats And Dogs Smarter Than Cory And Trevor")

While dealing with a spider mite problem in the Airstream, they quarantine the unaffected plants in Bubbles shed, which later burns down due to inferior electrical wiring. ("A Dope Trailer Is No Place For A Kitty") Then the dope crop is stolen by two con artists posing as missionaries, but is later retrieved. ("The Bible Pimp") Randy joins the mission at one point after a fallout with Jim Lahey, but it is a ruse staged by them both to allow Randy to infiltrate the operation wearing a wire. ("Never Trust A Man With No Shirt On")

Finally, Julian does the deal and drop-off to the prison contact. But in a final gambit, Jim attempts to haul the Airstream off the lot. The boys are successful in reclaiming it, but the alerted police chase them across the countryside. They crash the trailer and are apprehended by the cops. Ricky and Julian are arrested, but they tell the cops Bubbles isn't with them. Since the dope is already sold, and the trailer is on fire, there is no evidence of the grow op, and they are charged only with minor crimes and sentenced to two months. The money made from the dope deal is safely locked away for their eventual release. ("The Bare Pimp Project")

Season Three Edit

Bootleg Vodka Edit

Players: Julian

Shortly after their release, Julian goes in with J-Roc to purchase a boatload of Russian vodka, which he then sells around the park using Cory and Trevor to make deliveries. Ricky gets hired as the new Assistant Supervisor and stumbles across the operation, and is ordered by Jim Lahey to put a stop to it. The cops are tipped off and in an attempt to hide the vodka, Julian pours the remaining bottles into a plastic wading pool. In the end, Ricky chooses his loyalty to Julian over the job and is fired by Jim, and a scuffle between him and Randy lands them in the pool, sullying the liquor, and putting an end to the operation. ("Temporary Relief Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor")

Illegal Gas Station Edit

Players: Julian, Ricky, Bubbles, Cory, Trevor, Lucy, Sarah

Julian also oversees the operation of an illegal gas station in the park in this season, which took only one episode to show. Cory and Trevor to siphon all over and transport the gas back to the park where they began to serve customers. The operation was front-ended by Lucy and Sarah's hair salon -- customers would come in for a haircut and get a voucher for a fill-up. Randy tried to get the operation on surveillance video, but the boys were wise to it and maneuvered Cory and Trevor into taking the money, thus incriminating only themselves. The project ends abruptly when Ricky falls with a lit cigarette, igniting some gasoline and setting fire to a car. Authorities are called and the boys are arrested and tried, but only Corey and Trevor are imprisoned since they are the ones seen taking the money on the video footage. ("If I Can't Smoke And Swear, I'm Fucked")

Rap Concert Edit

Players: Julian, Ricky, J-Roc
Julian invests money from the gas station into a concert to promote J-Roc's latest rap CD. However, he has pirated a great deal of material from established rap artists including Detroit Velvet Smooth from Moncton, who comes to the park looking for his cut of royalties after a tip-off from Jim Lahey. The concert ends up being a success after DVS and J-Roc reach an understanding. ("Who's The Microphone Assassin?")

Remarketing Barbecues Edit

Players: Julian, Ricky, Bubbles, Trinity

Julian comes up with an idea to steal barbecues and resell them. Ricky gets Trinity and her friends from the Junior Achievers program involved, since he reasons that they cannot go to jail as minors. He takes them on theft runs, and at one point gets pepper sprayed by an apartment tenant. The operation is ultimately foiled by Officer Erica Miller who responded to several calls regarding stolen barbeques and she had previously seen Ricky at the school with several of them tied to his car. Putting two and two together, she tracked them to the park for arrest, but Julian their way out of it by asking her out. ("Where In The Fuck Is Randy's Barbeque?")

The Cruise Edit

Players: Julian, Ricky, Bubbles, Cory, Trevor

This season saw Julian trying to be smart with his new found wealth by turning money gained from his last operation into capital for a new one, and continuing on from there. The idea was to keep increasing their profits and to contribute some portion of money into a fund which will allow them to go on a sea cruise once they have enough. ("Temporary Relief Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor")

Everyone in the crew got on board, but at the end of the season, disaster was the result. Julian's relationship with Officer Erica Miller got in the way of all the operations and ultimately was the sticking point for Ricky when he did not receive his cruise ticket due to a clerical error, but saw that Julian had got Erica one. He is also thrown out of the park by Jim at this point, and decides to go on a crime spree so he can get sent back to jail, not having anywhere else to go. Julian chases him around trying to stop him, but is unable to prevent him from bring a stolen ATM machine back to the park. The machine is then tinkered with, spraying dye all over Jim and Randy. They are all arrested except Ricky who has left the scene, opting out of the cruise to spend more time with Trinity. The rest of the gang go on the cruise in their place, while Ricky takes over the job of park supervisor. ("A Shit Leopard Can't Change Its Spots")

Season Four Edit

Rub 'n' TugEdit

Players: Julian, Ricky, Bubbles, J-Roc, T, Detriot Velvet Smooth, Cory, Trevor

The boys conspire to open up a massage parlour in the park. J-Roc rounds up the ladies to work in there, but due to a lack of staff, Corey and Trevor also end up working in this capacity. The operation comes to a halt when Cyrus arrives and starts causing problems. Randy beats him up and kicks him out, the cops arrive and shut everything down, seizing the money from the op.("Rub N Tiz'zug")

Dope Operation 3 Edit

Players: Ricky, Bubbles, Julian, Cory, Trevor
While acting as the supervisor, with Bubbles as his assistant, Ricky starts to grow dope again Julian's trailer. When Julian, Jim and Randy are released from jail a week early, they rush around trying to clear all evidence of the grow op from the park. Lahey tries to get Officer George Green on site as quickly as possible, but they are not fast enough and there is no evidence to warrant further action -- Jim once again looks the fool. ("Never Cry Shitwolf")

When Ricky finally lets Julian in on the full scope of his plans, he takes him to one of the three dope fields that are growing outside the park -- a supercrop of the best stuff Ricky's ever made. Julian wants to sell it and buy Sunnyvale with the money. ("A Man's Gotta Eat") They spend the better part of the season protecting the plants from being discovered by Lahey and devoured by a stray mountain lion. ("If You Love Something, Set It Free")

They come up with the idea to sell the dope at an upcoming Snoop Dog concert. ("Propane, Propane") When it comes time to harvest it, the cops are already onto the operation and discover one of the fields. Harvesting the remaining crops, they run into a personnel problem and end up hijacking Rita MacNeil's tour bus and forcing the occupants to help. They have an accident while escaping and try to send the dope to their destination by courier, but are interrupted by Jim Lahey who threatens to kill Ricky and himself. A stand-off ensues and is eventually broken up, resulting in the arrest of all parties, but the dope is safely off to its buyer and they boys are set to be rich when they get out of prison, with Cory and Trevor handling the purchase of the park in their absence. ("Workin' Man")

Season Five Edit

Gankin' Groceries Edit

Players: J-Roc, T, The Roc Pile

J-Roc's main pursuit in this season is stealing grocery bins from a local store and reselling them at the park. ("Give Peace A Chance") He uses T and his whole crew for this operation, but Ricky and Julian are not directly involved. Ricky does steal a couple of bins from the same store on one occasion, but this is only so that homeless Ray can have something to eat. This angers J-Roc as this is deemed as biting his turf, and the two come at odds. ("You Got To Blame The Thing Up Here") J-Roc is eventually arrested for this operation as he was not smart enough to properly hide the bins once he emptied them, but instead left them in a pile on his property. ("I Am The Liquor")

Hash Driveway (Dope Operation 4)Edit

Players: Julian, Ricky, Bubbles, Cory, Trevor

After discovering that Cory and Trevor were conned out of all the money from the dope sale, the boys are broke and back to square one. ("Give Peace A Chance") Julian decides to steal a large stockpile of hash from Ricky's friends Dennis and Terry who, it turns out, work for Cyrus. ("The Shit Puppets")

They take the dope back to the park and pave a driveway out of it on Ray's lot. ("The Fuckin' Way She Goes") They spend the rest of the season trying to protect it from being walked on and on hiding it from Jim, the cops, and even Ray himself. Ray's trailer burns down because of Ricky's carelessness which only adds to the difficulties. ("The Fuckin' Way She Goes")

They devise all sorts of ways to distribute the hash, initially wanting to sell the whole lot to a single buyer. Then Julian send Ricky to vocational school as a janitor to sell the hash to individual buyers using locker drops. ("The Winds Of Shit") The last plan is to distribute the hash over long distances by hiding shaped rods of it into the handlebars of Bubbles' shopping cart arsenal. ("Dressed All Over And Zesty Mordant")

Ricky has a fallout with Julian and decides he wants half of the hash. Meanwhile, Jim has spent the season pretending to be sober but in fact is drinking more than ever and Ray tattles him out to Randy. Lahey goes postal and devises a plan to get back at them all for good by discovering the secret of Ray's lot. Eventually he cons Cory and Trevor into telling him about the driveway. Jim sends Randy with this information to bail Cyrus' gang out, hoping they will come to the park and kill the boys. ("I Am The Liquor") They do come and a firefight begins, but Ricky has a heart attack and Julian begs Jim to do CPR. Cyrus and company are arrested and Ricky comes back from the dead. ("The Shit Blizzard")

Season Six Edit

Ricky's Used Shit Edit

Players: Ricky, Trevor

Ricky gets the idea to steal lawn furniture and barbecues from peoples' backyards and take them to the curbside. He leaves them there for a second or two then at that point they become 'garbage' which means it's okay for him to take it. He enlists the help of Trevor in this operation who does all the grunt work. Ricky then sells the appropriated items in his 'store' which ends up occupying the same lot as Bubbles' newly opened Kittyland Love Center. ("High Definition Piss Jugs")

Stolen Building Materials Edit

Players: Julian

Earning over $8000 in jail making and selling homemade vodka, Julian takes that money and begins a real estate venture where he buys up old trailers, fixes them up and sells them. ("The Way Of The Road") Because he is using mainly stolen building materials, Jim Lahey tries to entrap him doing this, as does Randy acting as park supervisor, but both seem to be unable to make a valid case. ("The Cheeseburger Picnic") He tries to get Ricky involved in the operation, but he is way too busy hauling garbage. At one point Julian is also seen using Ricky's method of 'recycling' for some unknown purpose.

Julian is never held accountable for his theft of building supplies; the only outcome of this operation is a good one --he's managed to buy up all the trailers belonging to people whom Randy has evicted as Park Supervisor, and at the end of the season, once Randy is no longer in charge, Julian gives the trailers back to the same owners upon their return. ("Gimme My Fuckin' Money Or Randy's Dead")

Cory And Trevor's Convenients Edit

Players: Cory, Trevor, Sarah

The only operation these two were ever involved in that came about independently of Ricky or Julian, this small shed-based store sold snack foods and cigarettes primarily, but also advertised the selling of loose cigarettes and pirated DVDs of the latest movies. Amazingly, this business managed to stay afloat for some time after these illegal activities were broadcast freely (but accidentally) on Channel 10 news. ("High Definition Piss Jugs")

Season Seven Edit

Stolen Meat Edit

Players: Ricky, Bubbles, Julian

The first operation we see in this season is the boys selling stolen meats at a local plaza. This is just a stopgap measure to get back on their feet; eventually Julian gets frustrated and opts out. Ricky continues on with Bubbles, whose task it is to gain entrance into a butcher's meat freezer, wait till the store closes and then steal the meat. This backfires when the store is open longer than anticipated and Bubbles almost freezes to death, at which point he too quits the project. ("I Fuckin' Miss Cory And Trevor")

Gankin' Luggage Edit

Players: J-Roc, T, Lucy, Julian

J-Roc poses as an airline passenger and steals suitcases off the carousel. Later he sells the items contained therein at a store he's opened in the park called '$crillla Villa'. ("I Banged Lucy And Knocked Her Up... No Big Deal") He uses Lucy in this operation, who poses as his 'wife', and also helps out in the store as a salesperson. Julian also comes on board this operation for a time. J-Roc and Lucy are both ultimately arrested for these crimes as a result of Jim Lahey's drunken efforts to rid the park of all malcontents. ("Let The Liquor Do The Thinking")

Shiny Shit Badges Edit

Players: Jim Lahey, Randy, Julian, Ricky, Bubbles, Lucy, Ray, Phil Collins

Not a crime operation per se, but notable because it's the only instance of everyone in the park working together for a common goal. When Jim, Randy and Phil Collins are beaten up by Officers Ted Johnson and George Green, they hatch a plan to entrap the two cops and hopefully get them thrown off the force. Jim coordinates an elaborate scheme to get the two men back to the scene of the crime on a tip that Ray might have seen what happened. He strikes a deal with Ray and Bubbles to wipe Rays' driving record clean so he can get back on the road as a trucker. Ted and George show up, and Ray is about to tell what he knows. Outside of the trailer he fakes a back spasm and begs the cops to hit him on the back with two aluminum bats to work out the kink. The entire incident is caught on tape. When the matter goes before a judge, no one is buying the cops' story that they were entrapped, and the two men are sentenced to five years in jail and hauled away. ("Three Good Men Are Dead")

Scrap Metal Edit

Players: Bubbles, Ray, Shitty Bill

Disheartened by his experience with the meat stealing operation, Bubbles sets off on his own to collect and sell scrap metal with Ray who has just got his truck license back. ("I Banged Lucy And Knocked Her Up... No Big Deal") It is basically a legit operation, but is marred with problems because of Ray's alcoholism and love of hookers. He is arrested in Maine while soliciting an undercover cop for services, and this leaves Bubbles stranded, who then calls Julian to rescue him. ("Friends Of The Road")

The Swayzie Express (Dope Operation 5)Edit

Players: Ricky, Bubbles, Julian, Sebastian Bach, Jacob Collins

The events of the scrap metal operation lead inexorably to the plan to sell dope to Sebastian Bach, lead singer of Skid Row. While in the US at a model train convention with the boys, Bubbles steals Patrick Swayzie's prize winning model locomotive, which secretly transports back to the park. ("Friends Of The Road") Once there, Julian gets the idea to smuggle the dope over the border using the locomotive to haul tiny cargo cars of a model train. The boys take on some new jail cover -- Jacob Collins and two of his cronies -- and task them to travel to the border and lay the track to the other side. ("The Mustard Tiger")

Jacob's crew accidentally crash Julian's Monte Carlo in a lake and set out on foot, hungry and exhausted, but still managing to complete the task before Julian and the boys find them in the wilderness. ("We Can't Call People Without Wings Angels So We Call Them Friends") They must now transport the dope without letting Jim Lahey (back on the sauce) find out. Bubble's stress level rises when warrant for his arrest is issued for the model train theft and he starts wearing a disguise. Lahey has seen the posting about Bubbles and wants to capture him for the $50,000 reward. ("Let The Liquor Do The Thinking") Lahey and Randy seize the trailer containing the dope and fend the boys off, but they are too drunk to stay awake and are neutralized by the boys until freed by Phil Collins later. ("Going Off The Rails On The Swayzie Train")

Jim issues an APB and manages to capture Jacob en route back to the border with the boys, but Julian and crew are allowed to continue as part of Jim's plan. Jacob initially refuses to rat on the boys, but Lahey manages to maneuver him into returning to his friends wearing a wire. Adding to the confusion is the return of Conky, when Bubbles goes over the edge. Also, Sebastian Bach wants to pay them in cartons of cigarettes instead of cash, and will send the shipment back on the train once the dope is received. ("Going Off The Rails On The Swayzie Train")

Events come to a head after the deal is done when Jim and Randy arrive, as well as various other authorities from the US and Canada (some of whom were tipped off by Conky), all vying to arrest the gang, who are moored in the middle of the river, on the border, in a stalled ATV. Ricky bargains with each to see who will get the best deal, and decides to go with the one offering the least amount of jail time. ("A Shit River Runs Through It")

Pre SeriesEdit

Stealing Presents And TreesEdit

For the main article, see Christmas Remarketing.

Players: Julian, Ricky, Bubbles, J-Roc, T

Around Christmas time, Julian steals Christmas presents from cars at the mall, and sells them before Christmas day. he also steals trees from a small tree business and sells those, too. Ricky comes on board to get presents for Lucy and Trinity so they can get back together. Bubbles, wanting a distraction from his as yet unopened gift from his long-lost parents, decide to join the operation. ("Dear Santa Claus, Go Fuck Yourself")

Post SeriesEdit

The Big DirtyEdit

Players: Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, Cory and Trevor
Julian discovers a huge plastic sphere filled with dollar coins as part of a lottery at a movie theater. The Boys enter the theater with their faces covered (not well) in pantyhose, carrying walkie-talkies, then tumble the ball off its stand and start scooping up the coins with paper cups. They fill the trunk of the Shitmobile with the coins they are able to scoop up but manage to attract a lot of attention while doing it. They are caught later when coins start leaking from the trunk and Jim Lahey and Randy notice. (The Big Dirty)

Ray's Good LiquorEdit

Players: Ricky, Ray, Bubbles
Having lost all their money from the Swayze Express operation due to a robbery orchestrated by Sam Losco and Barb Lahey, Ricky and Bubbles help Ray make and sell homemade liquor. They bottle it at the dump where Ray lives and sell it to the park residents. This liquor is used to lubricate the participants of Country Dirty Dancing. ("Say Goodnight To The Bad Guys")

Country Dirty DancingEdit

Players: Julian, Ricky, Bubbles, Ray

Lahey, drunker than ever, hatches a plan to get the boys out of the park for good. He approaches Julian to organize and host a country dance at the Blandford Recreation Centre and although he is seen having many reservations, Julian accepts, planning to rob him after getting him too drunk to notice. They use the opportunity to sell dope and Ray's Good Liquor, but Lahey ends up entrapping them, bringing the cops in to arrest them for bootlegging as well as drug and weapons charges. Cyrus, who'd been put on the guest list by Randy in hopes he'd start trouble, is also arrested in the process of robbing Julian and Ricky of their earnings. Randy finally re-steals the money and he and Lahey use it to build a newer and better park. ("Say Goodnight To The Bad Guys")

Success Auto BodyEdit

Players: Julian, Ricky, Bubbles, Ray, T, J-Roc

One year later, in the former Sunnyvale, now almost abandoned, Julian opens an auto body shop out of his grandmother's trailer. The grand opening fails to attract a single customer and alienates J-Roc who eventually leaves the operation and the life of crime in general. The operation is ultimately halted when Lahey, who wants Julian's property to run a sewage line to the new park, obliterates the trailer with a back hoe in a fit of drunken insanity. (Trailer Park Boys: The Movie)

Ricky's DIY Grow OpEdit

Players: Ricky, Bubbles, Julian

Ricky has an uncharacteristic burst of inspiration and comes up with an idea to grow a dope plant using a modified recycling bin. The operation attracts the help of Bubbles and Julian, and they gather supplies and build prototypes intending to sell them to potential buyers. The operation is promising but short lived, because Lahey drunkenly drives his car into the prototypes. (Trailer Park Boys: The Movie)

SPCA Break-InEdit

Players: Bubbles, Ricky, Julian, T

In a short operation headed by Bubbles, the boys and T break into the local animal shelter to retrieve Bubbles' cats who have been taken away for reasons of neglect. They botch the job, setting off alarms and manage to get out before the authorities arrive, all but T, who gets locked in and apprehended. (Trailer Park Boys: The Movie)

Bank RobberyEdit

Players: Julian, Ricky, Bubbles

In a last desperate attempt to attain some criminal success, the boys collaborate to rob a local bank in the city. They use the auto body shop to construct a fake armoured car using a stolen prison van, crudely disguising it with electrical tape, wooden lattice and cardboard boxes. They assemble fake uniforms in order to pass as security officers. They manage to infiltrate the bank and get the money, but Lahey appears half naked in the bank and the boys struggle to prevent him from giving the game away. When Julian rejects his long standing affections, Lahey threatens to jump off the roof of the bank, halting their escape while Julian goes up to try and talk him down. They leave the bank together, and Julian gives him some money to go away, but Lahey is obsessed with the acquisition of Julian's trailer and wants a contract signed. A dangerous car chase ensues, and all are arrested except Lahey who gets away with all the money. The boys are eventually let off with a minor jail sentence when Ricky points out that the arresting officer is blind drunk.(Trailer Park Boys: The Movie)