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Orangie is Ricky's pet goldfish, introduced in "The Fuckin' V-Team". According to Bubbles, Ricky has "grown very fond" of the fish.

Bubbles shows Orangie to one of his cats.

Orangie was given to Ricky when Trinity and Lucy left the park to live with George Green. Ricky was crushed, so Trinity gave him to Ricky as a companion to keep him company while Trinity was away.

In the Episode "Orangie Is Pretty Fuckin' Tough", Bubbles finds Ricky passed out on the ground with his pants down to his ankles and his hands on his cock, while Orangie, according to Ricky "Passed out in the pool" after too many shooters and bottle tokes. Ricky fails to realize that Orangie is dead.

Bubbles is concerned, but doesn't want Ricky to know that Orangie is dead, and tells Julian that they can't tell Ricky because he doesn't understand anything about death. The rest of the episode revolves around looking for a replacement fish for Orangie so they don't have to tell Ricky about his death, while Ricky believes that he's just hungover and is in a deep sleep.

In the episode "Whore-A-Geddon", Bubbles discovers the replacement Orangie dies once again from being frozen when Ricky lets Orangie go for a swim in his trailers hockey rink, and quickly replaces the fish with "Orangie 4.0".

In Season 9 Episode 1 "Why The Fuck is my Trailer Pink", Ricky asks for Orangie after discovering he can no longer live in the park. Bubbles and Julian decide to finally tell Ricky that Orangie "has passed on to the land of the deadies" by presenting Orangie glued to a license plate. Ricky is devastated and breaks down. Bubbles attempts to comfort Ricky by telling him that "dead wasn't the right word" and quickly gives him a speech about how Orangie "still exists within the space time continuum" and how he's still present. Ricky calms down, yet still believes Orangie is alive and shares his drink with him. Bubbles and Julian accept the fact that he doesn't understand death and abandons further explanation to avoid upsetting Ricky.