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Patrick Lewis

Patrick Lewis is the antagonist of "Trailer Park Boys (1999)". When Ricky and Julian were in the pet killing business, they were hired by 6 or 7 of Patrick's neighbor's to kill his dog Caesar because it was defecating and urinating on their lawns. He is portrayed by Patrick Roach, who later portrayed Randy in the Trailer Park Boys series.


Patrick Lewis lives in a house or trailer beside a lake. He has admitted to having a drinking problem.

According to Ricky, he and Julian made 15 attempts in the three months prior to the film's events trying to kill the dog, but it managed to evade them every time. They were paid $600 to do the job, but the neighbors were getting antsy because the dog was still alive after months of payment.

In their first shown run-in with Patrick, he is seen walking his dog on his lunch hour. Ricky and Julian attempt to get the dog by threatening to kill him if he doesn't comply, but he just says that he is not scared of them. 2 cops walk by, and Patrick tells them to arrest Ricky and Julian, but Ricky lies by saying that Patrick is attempting to prostitute himself to them. The cops believed Ricky because Patrick was drunk (because of his drinking problem), and they take him to jail.

After this run-in, Patrick decides to buy a handgun to defend himself and his dog if need be.

Later, Ricky and Julian ambush Patrick with his dog in a crowded street. They take out their guns and attempt to talk him into giving them the dogs, but Patrick fires on them and runs away with his dog. Ricky and Julian return fire and follow him to an abandoned area, where they trap him. Ricky closes in, but is shot by Patrick, which wounds him. Julian drags him to cover and Patrick still returns fire. Julian tricks him into coming out of cover and shoots him, wounding him. Julian takes Ceasar to Ricky to shoot it, but he is wounded, so Julian has to. Overcome by emotion, he refuses to shoot it, and he throws his gun away. Cops swarm the area and they arrest everyone there, including Patrick. This scene, which constitutes the end of the original Trailer Park Boys feature, is used as the opening scene for Season 1 of the television series.

Jail Time[]

Trailer Park Boys (1999)- 7 years