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Philadelphia Collins

I got my boys, I got my burgers, that’s all I got, I need to hear a bam!

–Phil, to Thomas, his son

Philadelphia "Phil" Collins (played by Richard Collins) was an occasional visitor to and then resident of Sunnyvale. He was the owner/operator of The Dirty Burger, a partnership venture with Randy. He is also the father of Jacob Collins and Thomas Collins and grandfather of Mo, the child of Jacob and Trinity.


Phil first appeared as a background character in Season 1 episode 1 and can be seen in the crowd when Julian confronts Cyrus at Julian’s trailer.

Phil’s first speaking role on the show comes as the manager of a motel from which the boys were stealing furniture. The size of Phil's gut and the fact that people couldn't stop looking at it was a central point of that interaction. [1]

Later, Phil appeared to have a job as a taxi driver[2]. On one occasion he found himself him in the position of human shield as Ricky used him as a barricade against Sam Losco's gun wielding[3].


The first thing you notice about Phil is his large belly. We are then soon introduced to his ability to belch with some measure of forcefulness and length. This seems to be one of his trademarks, as he does it several times in the show's run. Those around him complain that his belches smell like mackerel and that particles of food tend to expel from him while belching[4].

Real World View: Richard Collins revealed in an episode of Trailer Pod Boys that the belches heard on the show were in fact his own, but they were recorded separately and then overdubbed onto the sound track in post-production.

Phil is generally good-natured man, and unlike many of the other characters, does not engage in crime of any sort. He is usually gainfully employed, making his money in a legitimate way. Much like his son, he seems to move from job to job frequently. Despite this, he often serves as a minor-antagonist to the boys, and often falls victim to their crimes. Throughout Phil's time on the show, the boys stole furniture from the motel he was managing, skipped on a taxi fare, and caused his son to go missing as well as having him dishonorably discharged from the Canadian military. Each time Phil has understandably reacted with violent anger, including at one point smashing up Ricky's car with a ladder. Due to his seemingly poor hygiene, gluttonous attitude, and sudden fits of anger, most residents of the park consider Phil to be "greasy" or "fucked". He cares deeply for his sons, who appear to be his only family.[5].

It's clear that he feels a kinship with Randy due to their mutual love of burgers[6]. However, although he's not opposed to a little physical confrontation or swearing as much as anyone else in the park[7], he doesn't involve himself in any of the criminal activity that is going on around him, and instead just goes about his business.

Phil's very name is a source of humour, as it's the same as the popular singer when shortened to Phil. Sam Losco calls him both 'Sussudio' and 'Easy Lover' (two Phil Collins hits) while holding him hostage for rent money on the camper[8]. Similarly, his son Thomas, when shortened to Tom Collins, is the same name as a popular mixed drink made from carbonated water, sugar, lemon juice and gin, made famous in the late 1800s.