Rays Good Liquor

Ray's Good Liquor

Ray's Good Liquor
was an operation of Ray's that employed Ricky and Bubbles and produced illegal liquor at the dump. The operation came to be when Julian had withheld the money from the Swayzie express operation for a year, fearing that suddenly having excess money to spend would draw unwanted attention. Bubbles is known to have worked for the operation out of desperation, as he would have rather spent time with his kitties, but also needed money to take care of them. ("Say Goodnight To The Bad Guys")

The OperationEdit

The liquor itself was produced and bottled at the dump, where Ray was living due to being unable to pay for a trailer and lot fees. Each bottle of liquor produced by the "company" was labeled with a plain, white signage that simply said "Ray's Good Liquor" which was then sold to the residents of Sunnyvale. ("Say Goodnight To The Bad Guys")


Ray's Good Liquor proved to be the downfall for Ray, as it was an illegal liquor producing business and openly served at the Country Dirty Dancin' event at the Blanford Recreation Centre. Upon his arrest, Ray was tried and sent to jail along with Cyrus, Ricky, Julian and Bubbles. ("Say Goodnight To The Bad Guys")


Ray served some time in prison, but less then the two years that Ricky, Julian and Bubbles served as he was out of Jail and living on a boat when Ricky visited him shortly after being paroled. (Trailer Park Boys: The Movie)