Roc Vodka is an alcoholic beverage produced by J-Roc and The Roc Pile. It is commonly produced in Mason Jars with a silver "Roc Vodka" decal.

J-Roc and The Roc Pile making Roc Vodka

Roc Vodka is a mixture of cheap vodka, spirits and food flavouring and is generally poor in quality.

Roc Vodka makes its first appearance in Season 8 Episode 1 "Money Can Suck My Cock". It is a popular drink sold exclusively at Julian's Sports Bar and Gym. J-Roc is seen with The Roc Pile making the vodka in hopes that it will help them become business partners with Julian.

The beverage also makes an appearance in Season 9, where it is sold in a park by Bubbles and Julian, and is used as bait to swoon Jim Lahey into drinking again.

Flavors[edit | edit source]

In Season 8, the flavors are as listed:

  • BooBerry
  • Pizomegranate
  • Apple Cizzinnamon
  • B-nOrange
  • Berry
  • Salty-Dick

In Season 9, J-Roc tells Julian that the best selling flavor is Pizomegranate and the only flavor to remain on shelves was BooBerry, J-Roc explains "it turned mafuckas tongues blue know what I’m sayin’".

In Season 10, J-roc refers to Apple Cizzinnamon as "Salty Dick" and that they only sold 20 jars. Know what im sayin.

Popularity in The Real World[edit | edit source]

While Roc Vodka is not sold in Liquor Stores, there are various recipes online in fan forums and other social media

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