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Sarah zaddy tin (played by Sarah Dunsworth) is Lucy's best friend, and often serves as a protective barrier between her and Ricky.

Character Background[]

Living Arrangements[]

Sarah is most often seen living with Lucy in a single trailer, along with Lucy's daughter, Trinity. The arrangement is mainly seen as a best-friend scenario; Sarah explains from time to time that she is helping Lucy out financially by splitting the costs of a trailer. There is some minor conjecture as to whether this 'friend' arrangement was once something more.

At other times in the show she was seen living at Ray's place (once Randy had moved in during season two), and in the supervisor's trailer with Ricky, Cory and Trevor (the trailer was split in half; Sarah, Cory and Trevor took one side).

Love Life[]

In Season 2, Sarah dated Ricky for the entire season, while he was attempting to complete Grade 10, but this relationship did not last past the season.

In Trailer Park Boys: The Movie, it is mentioned that Sarah had a brief fling with Lucy. It is described that they had a sexual relationship, but no further detail is explained.

In Season 4, she 'adopted' Cory and Trevor, in an attempt to keep them from getting too heavily involved with Ricky and Julian. There were many mixed signals regarding whether it was a romantic/sexual arrangement or simply platonic (at one point, Sarah announces that they were all getting married to each other).

At the end of Season 7 Episode 10 "A Shit River Runs Through It", Sarah announced that her and Jacob Collins had fallen in love, despite that he wanted to impersonate Julian. Sarah also mentions that Jacob and her reside with Philadelphia Collins in The Dirty Burger Camper. However, in the movie "Trailer Park Boys: Say Goodnight to The Bad Guys" Sarah finally ended the relationship because she could no longer handle Jacobs obsession with Julian.

In the movie "Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It" Sarah is dating J-Roc, and he credits her for straightening him out and setting his priorities straight. However, Sarah and J-Roc are not known to have a relationship in Season 8 or 9.

Criminal Activity[]

Sarah (and Lucy, since the two are often a package deal) prefers to stay on the fringes of any operations that interest her, but stays away from the large scale operations. For a time, she was using the hair salon that she ran with Lucy as a front for laundering money from Julian's operations.

When she was part owner of Cory and Trevor's Convenients, they were selling bootleg DVDs and loose cigarettes, both of which are illegal, but no action seemed to have been taken against them for these acts.

In season 7, she was part of the luggage stealing ring with J-Roc, Lucy, and Tyrone.

In Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It, she is living in a trailer with J-Roc, and Bubbles has been living under their porch for a few years.

Sarah went to jail in season 7, along with J-Roc, Tyrone, and Lucy, for stealing luggage.

In Season 9 Episode 10 "The Liquor Snurf" Sarah was arrested again, along with Donna and Barb Lahey, for getting busted by an undercover police officer for the prostitution services at the Mystic Fingers Day Spa. It is described by Donna in the jail cell that "Apparently police officers don't like it when you 'cop' a feel"


Sarah is often the level headed one in certain situations and serves to provide much expository information and relatively non-biased opinions of the goings-on in Sunnyvale.