Overview (No Spoilers)Edit

This was a made-for-TV special feature running (ca.) 47 minutes without advertising breaks.

The plot follows the pattern of the first episodes of several of the prior seasons, with the protagonists discovering their ill-gotten fortune to be suddenly lost, returning to an improvised life of crime while Jim and Randy scheme about their downfall and imprisonment. The overall story-arc resembles a full season in compressed form.

The story takes place after the ending of all of the other storylines in the TV series (but prior to the second of the two features films) and, accordingly, all of the characters' vehicles are in a greater state of disrepair than previously. Officer Jim's car, notably, has not only lost its roof, but now supports the rear-view mirror with what appears to be a vertical length of wood (or pool cue?) affixed to the hood. In general, the relationships between the characters (such as Barb and Sam) are the same as they were at the conclusion of the final season.

Cameo AppearancesEdit

• Guitarist Rob Baker and drummer Johnny Fay from rock band The Tragically Hip appear as a customers during the party scene (circa 30 minutes).

• Vocalist Gordon Downie appears in the same scene, soon thereafter, eating a sandwich.

Distinctive FeaturesEdit

• The format of this special episode is unusual for the series in that the camera frequently adopts perspectives that would be impossible for the (fictional) camera crew, supposedly making a documentary of the characters' lives. Within the first ten minutes, for example, the camera shows the perspective of Sam aiming his shotgun.

• The actor playing Ray (Barrie Dunn) had evidently lost weight before the shooting began: the character is thinner than in any previous appearance

• Unusually, for the series Randy's cock, full name is given as "Randall" (circa 19 minutes).

Running Gags from the SeriesEdit

• The unusual use of sliced bread (as if it were a towel) recurs: Ricky uses bread to clean his baby's skin as if it were a matter of course (compare the scene in which Bubbles is taken out of the freezer and toweled off with sliced bread, etc.)

• The final season's running gag with the word "horsecocks" recurs, but Bubbles uses the term this time, not Randy (the weather is described as "raining horsecocks").

• References to "Dirty Dancing" recur, as throughout the final season.