This article is about Sebastian as he is portrayed in the Show. For information about him from a real-world perspective, see Sebastian Bach (actor).


Sebastian Bach at the Bangor train convention.

Sebastian Bach is the front man of American rock band Skid Row and became entangled with the boys following the events of the Bangor model train convention.

Sebastian and the boys on set, Summer 2013.

After smoking some of Ricky's homemade dope, Bach is duly impressed and asks to buy more. ("Friends Of The Road") It is soon after that Julian gets the idea to offload Ricky's entire crop of pot to the US using Sebastian as a go-between. ("The Mustard Tiger") Sebastian eventually decides that paying cash for the shipment would be too conspicuous and offers cartons of cigarettes in exchange for the dope and the boys reluctantly agree. ("Going Off The Rails On The Swayzie Train")

Sebastian also is involved in a later deal with the boys involving Ricky's honey oil. He offers to buy Ricky's entire supply. He also demands Bubbles' puppet of Ricky as a part of the deal. ("Crawling Through the Shitpipe")

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