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"Get the fuck out of my club!"


Sonny is a character in Trailer Park Boys: The Movie. He is the owner of the gentlemen's club that Lucy works at. Sonny was not a part of the series, as this is his only appearance.

He was portrayed by Hugh Dillon .


Sonny is an arrogant club owner, who is a bit of an enemy to the boys, especially Ricky, because of his past with Lucy. He calls Ricky blasphemous and offensive names and generally looks down on him. He throws the boys out of his club every chance he gets. He is quick to flash a gun if provoked.

Fling with Lucy[]

Sonny is attracted to Lucy, and at one point says that she's his girlfriend after interrupting a lapdance that Lucy was giving Ricky in the V.I.P. room at the gentlemen's club.

Sonny claimed to have banged Lucy 28 times, and Lucy later said that it was 10 or 15 times max.

Sonny shows up right after Ricky and Lucy say "I do" at their wedding to confront Lucy about the $6,000 she owes him for her boob job. Ricky says that he's not paying $6,000 for fake tits when he liked Lucy the way she was before the boob job. Lucy then explains to Sonny that it was just a fling between him and her, and being married to Ricky is what she wants. After the explanation, she asks Sonny if they're cool, and Sonny responds with "we're cool, we're good", then he notices that she's wearing boots from the gentlemen's club, and tells her to give them back.

Jail for handgun[]

We last see Sonny shortly after confronting Lucy at the wedding. He is arrested after Wanda (who was also being arrested after being revealed by the police as a wanted fugitive) told the police that he had a handgun.