Steve French

Steve French is a Mountain Lion, commonly known as a 'shit lion', featured in If You Love Something, Set It Free. Steve French was discovered by the boys, stoned resting on a log having eaten dope from Ricky's fields. He paid for the weed upfront. Bubbles named him after his "French-looking mustache" marks on his face. Steve French was weaned off dope by Bubbles by hiding buds in Steve's food while in the park and a dispenser after he returns to the wild. Steve French initially wanted to stay with Bubbles. Bubbles explained the situation to Steve, and he chases after a female mountain lion.

Steve French discovered that J-Roc was also not in jail but instead hiding out under his trailer to gain street-cred.

Steve French is also infamous for raping Trevor after eating 7 of Randy's infamous viagra burgers. After which Randy blamed a "tiger" for eating all of his burgers.

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