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Steve Rogers (played by Doug Barron) is a local news reporter for television station operating near the Sunnyvale community.

Steve has brought his news crew to cover events in Sunnyvale Trailer Park on two occasions. The first was the Trailer Park Supervisor election when they filmed the speeches between candidates Jim Lahey and Sam Losco ("Jim Lahey Is A Drunk Bastard"). This occurred as a result of Ricky's idea to pay the camera crew in dope, since it was known that they would 'do anything for weed'.

Rogers later brought his business report to the park (filmed in high definition) where he covered both Cory & Trevor's Convenients store and Bubbles' Kittyland Love Center. The reports were haphazard in their execution since Cory and Trevor admitted to selling bootleg DVDs and single cigarettes at their store in clear violation of law. Later they were further botched by a bee attack while interviewing Ricky about Garbageland and further still when Jim Lahey appeared during the Kittyland segment, apparently drunk, and carrying piss jugs while rambling incoherently.

Steve later reappeared at the park looking for a place to hold a bachelor party for himself. He and Julian worked out a deal for him to use the Bar and Gym, which resulted in a greasy horror show when Julian offered up Bubbles' sheds at an hourly rate for sex with his strippers. The party lasted all night and resulted in the infestation of the lot with crabs. ("Whore-A-Geddon")