There is no set style for actor or crew articles, but there are a few general guidelines, and they are listed in this article.

Accountability Edit

Unlike the show's characters, these types of articles are about real people so extra care must be taken to provide accurate and verifiable information, and not false or assumptive information. This is where referencing comes in.

Biography Edit

The material in this section is all related to work outside of TPB -- the section following this one deals with this area.

Personal Life Edit

Give a brief synopsis of the person's vitals -- where they live, if they are married, have kids or where they were born.

Career Edit

Talk about the work they have done in their field. If they are an actor, list other movie, TV or stage work they may have done. If they are a producer, writer or other crew member, talk about what other projects they may have had their hands on.

TPB Background Edit

This section details the work they have done on Trailer Park Boys. You can add anything relative to the show here, including how they got involved in it, if they've had multiple duties on the set (this happens a lot), etc. If its an actor, you can talk about how their character came into creation (from the perspective of the real word view), how they may portray it, and any other interesting information you can think of.

Referencing Edit

Most of the links you provide in this type of article will be external to the Wiki, and you can read 'Using References' and the 'Linking' section of 'Writing for the TPB Wiki page to find out what types of sources to use and how. But do reference everything you say on this page.

Chronology Edit

List your points in each section in chronological order, keeping the TPB related section until the end.

A Note On External Links Edit

It's not required, but you can provide external links at the end of the article to any of the following types of data sources:

  • The person's official website
  • IMDb or filmgraphies (or similar)
  • Site links to Non-TPB projects the person may currently or previously be involved in
  • Official Facebook, Twitter or MySpace Pages (Watch out, there are a lot of fakers)

Images Edit

Using images of actors and 'real people' is tricky, the copyright is usually owned by the person who took the photo... so if you are adding images to the wiki of actors and crew, your best best is to tag it with a Creative Commons Fair Use license.

What Not To Do Edit

  • List an actor's entire filmography on the article in a bullet list. If you've written your article well, you should have hit the high points in sentence form, and that's more interesting to read, IMO. There are other sites where you can get bullet lists.