This article is intended to establish guidelines for writing TPB episode articles. A blank episode template can be found here.

The Infobox Edit

All episodes must have an infobox, which is included in the episode template above. A few things to remember about the infobox:

  • Title of episode must be entered exactly as the page header that appears in red, which is to say with all the correct punctuation and spelling, to prevent confusion.
  • Airdate should be full date format, as shown in the template, i.e., May 4, 2004
  • Episode: Season # + x + two digit episode #, i.e., 1x01
  • Producer, Writer(s): each entry on a separate line, linked to that person's article
  • Cast: All the regular cast should be entered as they appear in the opening credits, with each person on a separate line and linked to actor and character articles. If a person listed in the opening credits does not appear in the episode, attach (credit only) at the end of their line. If a person shows up in an episode and is uncredited, you can add them, but attach (uncredited) to the end of that line.

Brief Description Edit

At the beginning of the article, right under the title, there should be a brief 'TV Guide' style description of the general plot - no spoilers!

Plot Synopsis Edit

Following the above, there should be an in-depth description of the show's plot. Things to keep in mind here are not to be either too wordy or too succinct. Try to capture the main events of the episode without giving too many details that would spoil actually watching the show.

  • Write in a 'play-by-play' fashion, listing events in chronological order
  • Don't quote dialog used in the show
  • Don't retell jokes that were said in the dialog
  • Don't infer things that are not plainly shown or stated in the episode
  • Try to avoid run-on sentences

Break up the description by formatting it under the following headings:


A description of the first part of the episode before the opening credits roll.

Act One Edit

A description of the second part of the episode, from the end of the opening credit to the first commercial break.

Act Two Edit

A description of the second part of the episode, from the first to second commercial break.

Act Three Edit

A description of the thid part of the episode, from the second commercial break to the end credits.

Image Gallery Edit

(This section is edited as of Jan. 2011, to reflect changes in the new Oasis Wikia skin)

This section is used to add an image gallery of screen shots from the episode you're writing about.

  • Don't use more than nine images for any article
  • Insert images in chronological order as they are shown in the episode
  • Try not to use images that are blurry, or do not show clearly what's happening in the shot
  • Caption each image that you use appropriately.

NOTE: When uploading new episode screen captures to the wiki, make sure that they are all tagged with the Non-free Television Screenshot template, and do not use any other licensing, as they will not apply to these types of images.

The wiki code you enter will automatically create the gallery when you use the following format:

2x05-missionaries.jpg|Hampton and Tanya.
2x05-julianandbubbles.jpg|Julian tries to apologize to Bubbles.
2x05-bubblesandlahey.jpg|Bubbles and Lahey spy on Julian and Tanya.
2x05-jrocandrandy.jpg|J-Roc talks to Randy's gut.
2x05-bubblespleads.jpg||Bubbles makes a last ditch effort to warn Julian.
2x05-robberydiscovered.jpg|Julian and Ricky discover the theft of their dope.

Note that the format is FILENAME | CAPTION. The code above will generate the following:

Background Edit

This is the section for information about the specific episode. Think of it as a 'trivia' section, without being called that. This can be taken from many sources including:

  • the episode itself
  • other episodes that may lead up to or relate to this one
  • DVD commentary
  • articles or interviews that relate to this specific episode

Things that can be put in here would include:

  • major cast additions/changes
  • mistakes in continuity
  • missing or incorrect credits
  • background on an obscure reference within the dialog
  • information about a specific guest appearance
  • music reference
  • something shown in the background of a shot that may not be evident

Use your own judgement when adding to this section. It must be relevant as well as interesting.

References Edit

Rickyisms Edit

List of Rickyisms used in the episode. These can include single lines or conversations with others. Most often these will be direct dialog, but you can also use third person description of the Rickyism, if it's appropriate.

All dialog should be enclosed in "quotation marks."

Specific words that Ricky has misused should be italicized.

Conversations with others should be in 'script' style, with the speaking person's name in bold followed by a colon (:) and the rest of the line following in normal text. Each person's exchange should be on a separate line and in a bulleted list

If you are doing a single line Rickyism, and you feel it's necessary to reference who he may be talking to or a parituclar setting or circumstance, you can put this at the beginning (enclosed in parentheses and italicized)

Any of the following formatting is acceptable in this section.

"I thought we were going to high school, I can't go to fuckin' vacational school."

(to Sarah) "It's clear to see who makes the pants here."

Ricky asks Lifeson to play 'that Diane Sawyer song'. The song he means is 'Tom Sawyer' which is from their 1981 album, 'Moving Pictures'

  • Treena: "What's the capital of British Columbia?"
  • Ricky: "Victoriaville."

Ricky's Knock Jokes Edit

Here is the place to put Knock Knock jokes, if contained in the episode. Since these are basically conversations, format them like in the way described above:

  • Ricky: "Knock knock."
  • Lahey: "Who's there, Rick?"
  • Ricky: "Somebody."
  • Lahey: "Somebody who?"
  • Ricky: "Somebody whose ex-wife owns the fuckin' trailer park, is the only reason you got the job as trailer park supervisor,..."

Lahey's Shit Talk Edit

Lahey's shit-talk goes here, and you can generally use dialog for this, because some of it gets quite wordy. But you can also use the third person. The following examples are both acceptable.

"You know what a shit-barometer is, Bubs? Measures the shit-pressure in the air. You can feel it. Listen, Bubs. Hear that? The sounds of the whispering winds of shit. Can you hear it?... Oh, but you will, my sorry little friend, when the old shit-barometer rises, and you'll feel it too. Your ears will implode from the shit-pressure... beware my friend. Shit-winds are comin'."

Lahey refers to Bubbles' cats as shit-rats and shit-monkeys in this episode.

Laheyisms Edit

Like Ricky, Lahey sometimes get things mixed up and his get put here. Follow the formatting rules for Rickyisms in this section.

Categories Edit

Each episode must be assigned to the category. Also if an episode contains Rickyisms, Knock Knock Jokes, Shit Talk, or Laheyisms, these must also be added, as they will eventually be used to make a master list of such occurances.