Sunnyvale Trailer Park is a trailer park in Canada.



It is unclear how long Sunnyvale has been in operation, but it has been established since at least 1977. Many of the residents of the park grew up there, including Ricky, Bubbles and Julian.[1] Originally, the park was owned and operated by Jim Lahey and Barbara Lahey[2] but the management has changed hands several times.

Known Park SupervisorsEdit

Setting Trailer Park Supervisor Associate Trailer
Park Supervisor
Weekend Trailer
Park Supervisor
Assistant Trailer
Park Supervisor
Temporary Relief Assistant
Trailer Park Supervisor
Dear Santa Jim Lahey (Entire Special)
Season 1 Jim Lahey (Entire Season) Randy (Entire Season)
Season 2 Jim Lahey (Entire Season) Randy (Ep 2 Onwards)
Season 3 Jim Lahey (Until Ep 8)
Ricky (Ep 8 Onwards)
Randy (Until Ep 8) Ricky (Ep 2 Only)
Season 4 Ricky (Until Ep 4)
Jim Lahey (Ep 4 Onwards)
Bubbles (Until Ep 4)
Randy (Ep 4 Onwards)
Season 5 Jim Lahey (Entire Season) Randy (Entire Season)
Season 6 Randy (Ep 1 Onwards) Ray (Ep 6 Onwards)
Season 7 Randy (Until Ep 2)
Jim Lahey (Ep 10 Onwards)
Ray (Until Ep 3)
Randy (Ep 10 Onwards)
Goodnight Jim Lahey (Entire Special) Randy (Entire Special)

Little is known about life in the park prior to Ricky, Julian and Bubbles reaching adulthood. It appears as though things ran more or less smoothly. Early on, Jim and Randy patrol the park and deal with minor incidences and occasionally are able to send the boys to jail. But as things progress, Jim's aggressive alcoholism combined with large and more complex illegal activity in the park start to take its toll.[3]

Following a brief period of disrepair in the park because of Jim's drunkenness and general apathy, the park 'goes to shit' -- there are open car fires and garbage everywhere and Bottle Kids rule the streets. An election to appoint a new supervisor occurs with Sam Losco as the opposing party occurs, but Jim ends up being re-elected and starts taking care of things again.Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag.</nowiki> However, later on he ends up becoming the Park Supervisor after Jim and Randy are falsely arrested for stealing an ATM machine.<ref>{{Episode|22}}</ref> Ricky remains the supervisor under Barb's management, with Bubbles as assistant until they are overthrown following the events of Community Day where they lost a wrestling match to Jim and Randy for the title.<ref>{{Episode|25}}</ref> Jim and Randy regain the mantle of power for some time until it becomes clear that Jim's drinking is getting in the way of the work. Randy appeals to Barb to take over the job and he is given the title of Associate Trailer Park Supervisor.<ref>{{Episode|40}}</ref> Later on, Jim cleans himself up and becomes a policeman again, signs a peace agreement with the boys and agrees to have Ray, previously evicted from the park, assigned as Assistant Supervisor.<ref>{{Episode|45}}</ref> Randy moves up to Supervisor shortly thereafter and Ray quits soon after that. By the time the events of the Swayzie Express are over, Jim and Randy are back running the park again for the foreseeable future.<ref>{{Episode|55}}</ref> Following the events of Country Dirty Dancing, Jim builds a second trailer park down the road and calls it Lahey's Luxury Estates. He leaves the original Sunnyvale sire mostly abandoned. Many of Sunnyvale's residents move to the newer, more well-maintained site although some residents remain in the original park. Later, in a drunken rage and as part of a larger plan to hurt Julian, Jim demolishes several trailers and structures with heavy machinery, further damaging the establishment.<ref>{{Movie|3}}</ref> After this, it becomes unclear whether or not Lahey's Estate remains in operation but it appears that Sunnyvale is resurrected and reconstructed moving forward. With Sunnyvale back in operation, Barb struggles to maintain financial liquidity and the means to continue owning Sunnyvale. She would like to sell, but Jim owns 1% of the share. Jim is also about to retire and hand the reins to Randy to act as supervisor.<ref> Julian wants to buy the trailer park and bargains with Jim for the 1%. "The Fuckin' V-Team"</ref>


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