Trailer Park Wiki

Brief Description[]

Julian hires strippers to work at the bar to raise money so Barb can pay off trailer park taxes but before long turns into a strip club, "The Dirty Dancer" but run into a few troubles during their operation.

Plot Synopsis[]


Sam comes to to trailer park and hands Barb a letter about how she owes $2,200 in back taxes while Sam threatens to pay for it that will make him the Trailer Park supervisor and owner and Julian comes up for an idea for a new business venture.

Act 1[]

Julian instructs that he wants more hash coins made so he can hire the strippers he needs. Julian goes to the bar to talk to Sarah and J-Roc as well as other residents about his new business idea.



"Tarman was a lord that lived in a fucking forest..." (instead of Tarzan)

"Yeah, I heard you the first time, Mr. Talkie-Walkie... (instead of walkie-talkie)

"...a crop of shit."

"Hannibal Lechner"

"Praying Atlantis buggy looking fuck-twat." (instead of praying mantis)

"I feel like my brain's short circulating."

Donny's Screams[]

"It's Patrick fucking Swayze's bar!"