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Bubbles takes a liking into model trains.



Act I[]


We are given a long exposition of the "Swayze Express" which is colored just like the trailer, a dark red and a light silver... where Julian is on the phone. Julian is on the phone with a rock star. Meanwhile, Ricky crawls around on the floor, immersing himself in the train's miniature world. Bubbles ruminates on the "meta" of the whole situation while the boys, the true boys of the park... well, one says "fuck you, world" and lives in the train set - and the other is reaching out of their little bubble in a bid for help from outside. Resources. Money. Money for dope. Respectable business. And the three of them could rise up and overcome. You could be a successful semi-respectable company. A family. A trust. A bond. A cessation of fear through genuine human connection. Because these three men fear outsiders more than anything else.

It's sad, that they live in fear, but it is a byproduct of a turning away from nature's ways.

We would never have come as far as we have in this toxic urban lifestyle ... if it were not for that fear, which they deserved not to live in.

Nevertheless... Julian is reaching out to a rockstar friend, Sebastian Bach, by telephone.

I mean that in jest. Anyway, you would think it was Bubbles who would be obsessing over the train. Marveling at it on the tracks. But, no. Bubbles was ruminating. The train was... a side effect. He had some figuring out to do. And what he would learn would change him forever.

Anyway, while he was sitting there, being woke'd, his friends had their own pursuits.

Ricky's was prancing about with the train like a dinosaur-monkey.

Julian's was to make that business contact. A business partner and rockstar pioneer? Goodness gracious, eh! Oh, Canada! God sheds his grace on thee!

And each of the men sat there pursuing their own destinies.

In their own way.

And in that division between them; lay their fatal flaw.

The could never be closer than they were in that moment... not without mutual change. That means love. That means malleability of soul.


Bubbles is in a moral quandary.

His subconscious concocted a brilliant plan to, for once, commit a crime for Bubbles. A personal crime. It was pre-meditated.

Bubs' subconscious knew that he could hijack the Swayze Express with the help of some friends, if only he could get close enough to it. He knew that his crime would not be condemned by his friends, they would cover for him.

He knew this from a long history of friendship with them.

The dead giveaway is when he says,"Thank you for stealing this train for me."

This is Bubbles' conscious mind verbally thanking his subconscious mind for the gift of the Swayze Express.

Ricky even calls him out.

"Bubbles! YOU stole the train, man. We had nothing to do with it."

Bubbles is still a bit confused, coming to terms with what he'd done.

At 2:04; we are shown a very clear and deliberate exposition of The Swayze Express and its likeness, Julian, in a shot wherein the train passes Julian in the doorway of his trailer. The colors are a clear match between the trailer, Julian's clothing, and the train. Silver, red, and black.

And, Julian is inspired by the train... for the group's big break. Their connection with the outside world, and their next profitable business venture.

Act II[]

Act III[]

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  • This episode's title is spoken in dialogue, and derives from the nickname Bubbles creates for Phil Collins, due to the fact that Phil was wearing a T-Shirt, which was stained with mustard, with a Tiger on it.
  • It is interesting to note that Bubbles does not seem to have a large animosity towards Phil Collins; as noted when Bubbles conned the nickname "Mustard Tiger" for Phil. Despite the fact that this name was created in a heated moment, and Phil had called Bubbles "Four Eyes" (which angers Bubbles whenever someone does it), Bubbles seems to have done it out of a sort of affection. Evidence to this is given when, during a testimonial, Bubbles notes that he thought it was a "cute little nickname".



"Just get us some fucking topa-, topper... grak... fuckin' land papers, Jim!" (trying to say "topographical")

"Get us some fuckin' land papers A.S.A.T..."

"What the fuck are you gettin' learnin' that's so important?"