Tommy Bean on the phone with Cyrus in Season 9.

Tom Tombolopolus, known as "Tommy Bean" is a long time acquaintance of Julian and a drug dealer. He makes his first cameo appearance in Season 8 Episode 2 "The Fuckin' V-Team"

Background[edit | edit source]

Julian explains that he has known Tommy since high school. He also describes him as 'Tommy Bean' because he use to carry around a bag of "beans" which is a street term for Speed (Amphetamine Pills), and would say "here comes Tommy Bean with his bag of beans." Tommy also carries a slingshot around as a weapon of choice and often aggressively threatens people with it, but never actually uses it. It is also described by Julian in Season 10 that Tommy is a "pill popping" drug addict, and is shown to exhibit mannerisms and gestures of someone that uses hard drugs, such as fast pacing, shouting and outbursts of rage.

Season 8[edit | edit source]

In Season 8 Episode 2 "The Fuckin' V Team", Julian, Ricky & Bubbles meet up with Tommy Bean to pick up Slot Machines for Julians Sports Bar & Gym. Tommy asks for cash in exchange for the slot machines, but as expected from the boys, they do not have the cash and ask if they can have the machines in exchange for hash. Tommy becomes enraged and takes out his slingshot, but is calmed down and tells them that if they don't have his cash in time that he is going to rip the slot machines out of Julian's bar. He is not seen for the remainder of the season and it is unclear whether or not he received his cash.

Season 9[edit | edit source]

In Season 9 Episode 2, Julian, Bubbles & J-Roc meet with Tommy Bean at The Palace Motel that he had turned into an illegal storage unit where J-Roc stored his supply of Roc Vodka, where the boys had intentions of selling it in order to earn money for lawyer fees to keep ownership of Sunnyvale. Tommy Bean agrees to assist them by giving them ice cream bikes to sell their product in, even though Julian is not 100% on board, but Tommy Bean wanted a cut of the profits.

Upon the boys returning to The Motel, they discover that Tommy Bean had stripped Julian's Monte Carlo and sold it for parts, and used it as an excuse for profit shortage, storage rent & parking fees (despite being the one who forced them to leave the car there in the first place). Julian becomes violent with Tommy and chokes him, threatening to "pop his fuckin' head off" until Bubbles and J-Roc pull him away. Tommy Bean per usual threatens the boys with his sling shot and screams that he wants his money, while Julian tells him he's lucky he doesn't call the police, but Tommy Bean isn't phased because he doesn't have a Lawyer or his money.

Later on in the season, Julian buys Tommy Bean's Motel out from under him after hiring a lawyer, this causes him to become vengeful and pair up with Cyrus. Tommy Bean and Cyrus follow the boys in their plans on what to do with The Motels contents and discover they plan to sell everything inside. The day of the auction, Tommy and Cyrus show up in the middle causing chaos with guns, shouting and shoving, saying they "want their shit back", even though there are previous tenants showing up saying that it is theirs. They are finally pushed out by the boys and Cyrus is humiliated when his home porn videos are stumbled upon in one of the units.

Towards the end of the Season, Julian set up a deal with his lawyer for an insurance fraud scheme that would get Tommy Bean and Cyrus involved in arson by burning down The Motel after it was destroyed by a flood caused by Ricky. The plan goes through and Julian and Bubbles gets it on tape to show to the courts, however, Ricky disrupts the plan by showing up and involving in gunfire with the pair.

Steve Rogers appears in the Chanel 5 helicopter and captures the gunfight and fire on tape, which initially leads to Cyrus and Tommy Bean's arrest. The two are interviewed in jail, with Cyrus and Tommy Bean in different jail cells. However, Tommy Bean is strapped down into a constraint chair and straight jacket while shouting that he is going to kill Cyrus, it is apparent that Tommy Bean is also mentally unstable at this point.

Season 12[edit | edit source]

He returns with Terry and Dennis to buy shrooms from Ricky to give to the Yakuza. They are arrested by the Cops and snitch on Julian.

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