Tyrone (sometimes called T, real name Tyler) is a member of the Roc Pile, J-Roc's right hand man, and a former resident of the Sunnyvale Trailer Park. Like J-Roc, Tyrone tries to appear as if he's "urbanized" or "street", but is actually not as tough presents himself to be. Tyrone is also known to take part in the various operations of Julian, Ricky and Bubbles if he feels the situation calls for it. Despite being tight with J-Roc, and being his "DJ", Tyrone has been known to berate J-Roc for being unrealistic and using "kno' wha' I'm sayin'" too much. Once an avid supporter of getting into the "rap game", Tyrone has looked into it less and less over the years until he had finally all but given up on it to work for Julian. Like many other people in Sunnyvale, Tyrone has a dislike of Lahey and Randy, particularly Randy after he evicted them from the park for failure to pay lot fees.

Season 1Edit

Like the rest of the Roc-Pile at that time, him and two other guys they just followed J-Roc around and occasionally backed him up not really saying much except when he liked to make fun of Randy with the rest of the Roc-Pile.

Season 2Edit

While here he played a bigger role than Season 1 it was still a fairly small role. He did the same as last Season except when Lahey and Randy were spying on J-Roc, Ricky and the other people in his chick flick he came out and told them off and yelled at them to get out of there saving the boys.

Season 3Edit

One of his smallest roles he did the same as usual except did as much work as Ricky and Julian did with helping set up the gas station and help them attract customers and warned Ricky not to smoke around the lines because somebody to get hurt but Ricky didn't listen and it ended up costing Cory and Trevor many hours of community service while T and the rest did not get charged.

Season 4Edit

One of his smallest roles he barely spoke except did play a somewhat important role when J-Roc tried to get arrested according to his bosses orders and instead got community service and hid under his mothers trailer and tried to pretend he was in jail. The boys found this out when Steve the mountain lion ran under there and chased T, J-Roc, DVS and an unnamed Roc-Pile member out.

Season 5Edit

J-Roc and T help out Ricky, Julian and Bubbles the most in this episode as well as J-Roc's currently active manager DVS. T and the rest of the Roc-Pile are part of an ongoing grocery-stealing ring . When Ricky asks if they can help them with the fire fight with Cyrus, Terry and Dennis they all decline, claiming that they "don't play" guns.

Trailer Park Boys: The MovieEdit

He's barely seen except on stage with J-Roc when he passes Ricky the mic nodding.

Season 6Edit

They start to become poor and for the next two seasons the entire Roc-Pile is seen missing until Countdown To Liquor Day. They are then evicted by Randy and the two continue to harass him Randy ignoring it still being proud of the eviction. J-Roc and T are especially upset by this because they both have girlfriends who are pregnant and they co-father them. They are gone for the whole season.

Season 7Edit

Julian uses his money to give everyone back their trailers including Bill and Irene as well as T and J-Roc who are especially grateful giving him discounts on their stuff. T does not have many lines in this and is later seen in the finale when they are now dads and decide to give up their rap career for the time being.

Countdown To Liquor DayEdit

Tyrone plays a much bigger part in this than he ever has. He wants to help out the boys with everyone as well as J-Roc until when they make a plan to burn Julians car to get some money to bail some of Bubbles cats out. J-Roc cowers at this saying he's ditching them because he thinks something won't go right and asks T if he's ditching but he stays with them. Then when J-Roc talks to T about the rap career he says there isn't no dream and closes the door wanting to stay and help Ricky, Julian and Bubbles. J-Roc gets especially upset at this and whines that he's the only one in the dream now.

Tyrone goes with Bubbles and the boys to rob his cats out and Bubbles uses three different key cards to open the door and they run in Bubbles and Tyrone doing a great job. Unlike normal he's now without J-Roc because J-Roc is still upset about the talk they had. Ricky is terrified of the dogs and shuts the door on T locking him in and after they apologize the cops come and arrest him. He never speaks to J-Roc again but is seen talking to the Boys in jail seeming quite happy actually.

Don't Legalize It Edit

In the beginning, Tyrone is expected by J-Roc to attend Ray's funeral accompanied by staff of the halfway house that he is staying at. It is unclear why Tyrone is a patient.

Tyrone is then briefly seen running away into the dump while Ricky gives his speech during the funeral to avoid having to go back to the halfway house. The staff take a while to notice that Tyrone is missing and go searching for him.

Later on, Tyrone hitchhikes with Julian in the Dirty Burger Camper that catches on fire on the road and Tyrone is captured by the police and is sent back to the facility.

At the end of the series, Tyrone is shown with J-Roc after being released. They claim the that the reason Tyrone was let out of the facility was that he was given bail, and they suspect because the judge was a female that "she was feelin' him" implying the judge had the hots for Tyrone.

Season 8 Edit

In Season 8 Episode 1 "Money Can Suck My Cock" Tyrone is seen helping J-Roc produce Roc Vodka and hanging out at Julian's Sports Bar and Gym.


Tyrone, accompanied by the Roc Pile and two strippers while filming an internet commercial for The Dirty Dancer.

After J-Roc is arrested in Season 8 Episode 3 "The Dirty Dancer", Tyrone takes J-Roc's place to help himself and J-Roc to become business partners with Julian. Tyrone also frequently visits J-Roc in jail to check on and comfort him, as well as update him on business matters. In Season 8 Episode 9 "Righties Loosies, Lefties Tighties" Julian finally hires J-Roc and Tyrone to be his newest business partners along with Sarah.

Season 9 Edit


Tyrone working at Mystic Fingers Day Spa

In Season 9 Episode 1 "Why in the Fuck is My Trailer Pink?" Tyrone is working as a massage therapist at Mystic Fingers Day Spa and his home taxi driving business "T's-axi". He often expresses frustration having to do "Extra favors" for the ladies at the day spa, implying that there is a prostitution operation at the salon. But Tyrone soon discovers that the "extra favors" pay off and he is proud of his earnings.

He is also seen on J-Roc's party bus, although him and J-Roc have an estranged relationship since Tyrone has started working at the spa and driving his taxi.


Tyrone with his "much older" girlfriend at the end of Season 9.

In Season 9 Episode 10 "The Liquor Snurf", he is seen with an Ebonics speaking elderly woman on his shoulder that implies that they have a sexual relationship. Tyrone says that he doesn't care who is going to judge him because "A mutha-fucka feel safe." This is the first time however that Tyrone is seen with a romantic partner throughout the series.