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Hi there! Welcome to my page.

I am an admin here. Feel free to get in touch with me. Below is a list of admin to peer advice. I'm straight to the point so be prepared!

Admin Help[]

If someone is shit posting: First and foremost, if it's on an article, remove said shitposting yourself and replace it with the accurate information, this helps us out A LOT and I will thank you for it! Then contact me so we can fuck over the cocksucker if we need to. Shit posting means spamming, adding unrelated articles, adding obvious inaccurate information, trolling in articles, etc. You catch my drift. People being fucky in the wiki in general. I don't always see everything so any help is greatly appreciated.

Navigation: If you have a problem, need navigation, need help with the page or need to know how to post an article, first visit the tutorial page. If you still need help, get a hold of me or Randomtox, although his response time may be delayed due to his real life commitments. (if you ask me and I don't know I'll just go crying to him for help anyhow.)

If someone is being a fuck goof (in the comments section, forums or blogs): First and foremost, TRY TO JUST IGNORE THEM. DON'T RESPOND, DON'T TALK TO THEM! I believe in freedom of speech, but, there is a difference between freedom of speech and being an arsehole. Let's keep this community friendly and inviting. And don't be a tattle tale Mr. Lahey either.

If you think an article sucks: For fucks sake, fix it! Don't bitch in the comments section about how terrible it is and sit there and do nothing, and if someone forgot to add something, FUCKIN' ADD IT! And don't complain to me about it either, because I'll just tell you the same thing.

If Ricky ate all of your pepperoni: You're fucked.

Any other questions, feel free to post on my talk page! And have fun!

Pages I've Created From Scratch:[]

Officer Victor Daniels

Bubbles Shed-N-Breakfast


Roc Vodka

Baby Ray (The Motel)

Mitch (Mc Flurry)

Tommy "Bean" Tombolopolus

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Jacob Collins


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