The boys try to find Jacob and the crew who have been missing in the woods for some time now


After the title of the episode shows, the camera pans down to a lake with Julian's Monte Carlo half sunk with the doors and trunk lid open. We are then shown video from the Video Camera the boys () were given with the 2 messing around.

Tragically Hip "The Drop-Off" plays while Jacob stops to "rock a piss" and the "fuck-goof" holding the camera remains in the car. The car was not put in park, and slowly goes into the lake. The boy escapes with the camera. We are then shown Julian, Ricky, and Bubbles packing to leave and search for the boys. The main title theme is shown. [sorry poor writing, also trying to enjoy the episode]

Act IEdit

Mostly the whole episode: need to split

Somewhere near the border (great bear river):

A bag of 'Shreddies' cereal is found on the road. Julian then sees his car half sunk and considers calling the cops to admit what happened, so as not to get involved in a murder case. Ricky rants about how stupid the boys were and slips into the river, while claiming it's the "Survival of the fitness, boys."

They find no bodies in the car, but its been stripped for supplies (seat covers and things). Bubbles still assumes Grizzlies got them, Ricky also considers "Hillybillies," which he hates.

Julian and gang come across their clothes. They slowly drive through the woods in the shitmobile trying to find clues. After finding a warm fire with Ricky's dope and gain hope. Later they find a note pinned to a tree. The note contains several paranoid thoughts of the forest being alive, someone stealing track and trees talking.

The boys come across a tunnel to Maine. Julian shows care towards Jacob and gang, but Ricky rants about them just being jail cover. He convinces the boys to go back and eat, which they eat everything (which was a ton of food). Ricky tosses his cooler with his name on it away and Julian retires for the night.

34 Hours earlier:

Jacob and the boys are in a storm smoking dope and record a message, "They did their best."

Meanwhile the video cam footage shows Jacob and gang coming across rangers. Later they are shown setting up the track. They have made it to the river separating countries. They eat grilled salamanders. Studying keeps them sane. Something is seen in the river and they apparently have been attacked by some river monsters. They were able to complete the track, regardless.

While studying, the boys smell something. Soon they hear something and come across Ricky.

They come across the boys (thinking they're bears at first) and offer old pizza crust and gummy bears. After finding out they can still make their exam, they leave.

note: this should probably be written in two parts, first one group, then the other (34 hours earlier).

Act IIEdit

Act IIIEdit


"Peasant coop" -pheasant coo

"Rich Peopleman's food" - referring to Bubble's smoked salmon with capers.

"Shishkabits" - Shish ka bobs

"Survival of the fitness" - Survival of the fittest

"Zeerlow" - Zero

"Rakins" - Racoons