Who The Hell Invited These Idiots To My Wedding?
Ricky and Lucy's (aborted) wedding.


May 27, 2001


1x06 (6)


Mike Clattenburg

Barrie Dunn

Michael Volpe


Mike Clattenburg

John Paul Tremblay

Robb Wells

Barrie Dunn


Ricky (Robb Wells)

Julian (John Paul Tremblay)

Bubbles (Mike Smith)

Jim Lahey (John Dunsworth)

Randy (Patrick Roach)

Lucy (Lucy Decoutere)

Sarah (Sarah Dunsworth)

J-Roc (Jonathan Torrens)

Ray (Barrie Dunn)

Cory (Cory Bowles)

Trevor (Michael Jackson)

Trinity (Jeanna Harrison)

Levi (Ardon Bess)

Desiree (Sandi Ross)

Guest Stars

Candy (Karen LeBlanc)

T (Tyrone Parsons)

Wedding Minister (Shelley Thompson)


Pressured by Lucy, Julian gets roped into providing the food for her and Ricky's wedding reception, and in order to make this happen, he logically decides to plan a robbery.

Plot Synopsis Edit

Teaser Edit

Ricky tells the camera crew that he's matured and that he only gets drunk on weekends, and has stopped growing pot. He says that Julian is acting like a dick. Lucy calls Julian to tell him that Ricky has done nothing at all to prepare for the wedding ceremony and reception, and she might have to cancel the wedding. Julian tells her that he's got everything covered... even though he doesn't yet.

Act One Edit

Lucy describes her bachlorette party, and Cory and Trevor talk about the stag night for Ricky. Sarah applauds Julian's plan to get Ricky and Julian married so he can be free to date Candy without interruption. We then talk to Candy who is washing the truck as she says that her and Julian have a lot in common. They seem truly happy together.

Julian, in his trailer with Bubbles, gets a phone messaage from Trinity saying 'I love you', and Bubbles observes that she thinks the world of Julian. Julian says he just wants the wedding to be over with so he can be left alone. Bubbles warns him not to abandon Trinity completely and talks about his own parents who left him alone at the trailer park.

Ricky tells the camera crew that he is not too stupid to plan his own wedding and seems upset by the implication. Another message to Julian from Lucy, responding to his assertion that he doesn't have any money for food at the reception. Julian begins to plan the robbery with Bubbles, Cory and Trevor which will obtain such food. Bubbles tells us about the fine art of shopping cart reconstruction, as his carts will be the ones used in the heist.

Later that night Ricky gets angrier about Julian and the fact that everyone has been meeting secretly without him. He bangs on Julian's door, and just as he is about to fire Julian as the best man, the gang jump out from their hiding spots for the stag party. Ricky proceeds to get start drinking while everyone else involved in the robbery abstains. They all go to the strip club and Ricky gets utterly drunk.

Act Two Edit

After, they pour him into the truck and head off to do the robbery. Passed out in the back, the rest of the gang mask themselves and enter the store, grabbing anything and everything they can. Ricky comes to and enters the store for smokes in the middle of the robbery. Seeing the clerk with his hands up, Ricky realizes the place is being robbed, pulls his gun out and starts shooting, not knowing he is shooting at his friends. Once they make Ricky aware of what's going on, the shooting stops, and they make a hasty exit, just before the cops arrive.

Driving away, Ricky shouts that the whole thing was captured on the security cameras and now he is in real trouble—Ricky was the only member of the gang without a mask.

The next day, Julian waits for Candy and shows her the new trailer he just acquired, asking her to move in with him, and she accepts. Ricky has breakfast with Lucy and Trinity, and tells the camera crew he is very happy. Just then, a man identifying himself as Detective Ted Johnson arrives and asks Ricky vaguely if he knows of anything going on in the park. Ricky tells him to fuck off.

Jim Lahey tells us that he is going to hand deliver a special wedding day present to Ricky at the wedding. Julian and Ricky get dressed in their tuxes for the wedding. Ricky worries about the visit from Johnson, and Julian tells him it will be alright: he promises him that no one is going back to jail.

Act Three Edit

The wedding: Trevor tells the camera that he hopes that now Lucy and Julian won't obsess 'over people that they slept with before'. At the altar while exchanging rings, the police arrive, led by Ted Johnson, and arrest Ricky. While they are carting him off, he calls after Julian and the other guilty persons. Julian makes a quick decision and kisses Candy before shooting his gun off several times, causing the police to arrest him too. They are carried off in a sea of chaos.

Six months later, Julian and Ricky sit together in jail and describe their experiences there - Ricky is loving being in jail, and is of the opinion that the break from Lucy will only make their relationship stronger. Julian espouses the power of positive thinking. They are both going to be 'okay'.

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Background Edit

Shelley Thompson plays the woman officiating at Ricky's wedding (credited as 'Wedding Minister'), but her character's name is not given. It's unclear whether or not she is acting as Barb Lahey or not with her appearance in the episode.

Detective Ted Johnson appears in this episode in plain clothes as a detective might, but in all other episodes where he is on duty he is wearing police blues like a regular officer.

Julian's discussion with Bubbles about Trinity lends further credence to the theory that Julian is Trinity's father and not Ricky. The fact that Julian's comment about just wanting to be left alone after Trinity's phone call prompts Bubbles to remember his own parents is an indicator.

Bubbles' account is also the first indication we have of his back story: the fact that he was abandoned by his parents for some unknown reason. This story recurs in several other episodes, and is a main plot point in their Christmas special, ("Dear Santa Claus, Go Fuck Yourself")

The background music for the robbery is a muzak version of "Do You Know The Way To San Jose" played over the store's PA system.

After six months in jail, Ricky inexplicably is without his usual mutton chops, goatee and soul patch.

Sharp eyed (or attentive) viewers will notice that during the arrest, Lucy shows more concern for Julian then Ricky, even going as far as to rush toward the squad car that Julian was placed into (the boys were placed into separate cars).

It could be worth noting that after this episode, Ricky starts being much harsher to Cory and Trevor, likely as a result of their actions (involvement in a robbery) being a primary reason that Ricky went to jail. As this had yet again screwed up his relationship with Lucy, which had been turbulent as it is (see: "Dear Santa Claus, Go Fuck Yourself", in which Trevor and Cory are potentially responsible for a prior break up), Ricky becomes less tolerating of the two and their mistakes (even if they are his fault). This continues, despite the fact that Ricky more or less loses interest in Lucy entirely, due to her relationship with Randy in season two for the rest of their appearances on the series (and to a regard, after they left, even though he declares he cares, loves, and misses the boys).

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